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The Role of NGOs in Human Security - Essay Example

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The Role of Ngo’s In Human Security Name Institution Introduction Human security refers to a concept that covers the protection of individuals rather than the protection of state (Malcom & Hunter, 2010). This concept overlooks the view of security as protection of countries or states from overlying military threats (Chandler, 2011)…
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The Role of NGOs in Human Security
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Download file to see previous pages NGO’s work towards various goals and some become defined with their role or field of work (Tadjbakhsh & Chen, 2007). Examples of fields represented by NGO’s include; human rights attainment, environmental sustainment and or improvement of social welfare of individuals within a disadvantaged community. There are different kinds of NGO’s but most NGO’s deal with improving of the quality of life and transforming the society (Thomas, 2007). NGO’s have become synonymous with provision of health care, human rights advocacy, education and economic opportunities to societies. Different NGO’s get involved with different activities, which aim at empowering human life. As NGO’S carry on their work, they in the process play a vital role in enhancing human security (Abbas, 2010). This paper shall seek to explore and explain the various ways through which NGO’s achieve human security in the globe. NGO’s and human rights Various NGO’s such as Amnesty international have always worked for the advocacy of human rights (Matthews, 2011). Human rights NGO’s work towards ensuring that every human being gets equally treated (Welch, 2001). Such NGO’s champion for the rights of minority groups that may get sidelined by their societies or communities. NGO’s partner with various sectors to ensure that the basic rights of individuals get observed. Through their work in human rights advocacy, NGO’s help to enhance the concept of human security. NGO’s mostly advocate for minority groups such as women, AIDS victims and children. Advocacy for human rights by NGO’s helps in providing political, personal and community security to individuals which encompasses human security. NGO’s such as Amnesty international help to incriminate and provide evidence against perpetrators’ of violence against human lives and thus enhance human security. NGO’s and human development A number of NGO’s such as OXFAM Care international and Save the children have worked tirelessly to enhance human development through sectors such as health, education, nutrition and economic platforms. Such NGO’s have worked at providing economic activities for individuals within societies to improve their economic security. In emergency situations such as drought, cyclones, floods, earthquakes, wars; these NGO’s have also provided food to the victims. This has assisted to improve food security in certain regions of the globe (Clay, 2000). NGO’s help to develop projects that are focused at improving the welfare of society members. Projects such as the provision of health services, access to clean water and improved sanitation helps to secure the health of human beings (Brauch, Behra & Mbote, 2009). Some NGO’s also focus on providing educational materials and resources to different human societies. There are NGO’s such as Greenpeace which get committed to conserving and protecting the environment. Such environmental NGO’s advocate for issues on pollution and or global warming (Dodds & Pippard, 2012). In providing environmental, health and food security, NGO’s help to enhance human security. How NGO’s work towards enhancing human security NGO’s get well placed to enhance human security through their undertaking of developmental processes in their respective societies (Shamina and Porter, 2006). NGO’s have become well placed to provide services in many countries around the globe. Infrastructure and expertise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of NGOs in Human Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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