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What Is The Connection Between Ch. 10 In Hayek's, The Road To Serfdom, And The Nazi Atrocities - Essay Example

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State power is only familiar to a few as the western democracies have continued to abandon the issue of economic freedom by centralizing all planning to the government leaders. This is uncalled for as the dictators continue to enjoy power…
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What Is The Connection Between Ch. 10 In Hayeks, The Road To Serfdom, And The Nazi Atrocities
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What Is The Connection Between Ch. 10 In Hayek's, The Road To Serfdom, And The Nazi Atrocities

Download file to see previous pages... This is uncalled for as the dictators continue to enjoy power where the interests of the minority groups are not taken into consideration. Most of the leaders are known to come from communities with a majority in the country and this makes them have a say on how to manage the resources of the country. This can as well be related to history which over the years has left a trail of dictators most of whom have adopted the constitution that was left behind by the colonial powers. This was a constitution characterized by dictatorship which encouraged the divide and rule tactic. This was a disadvantage to the minorities in such countries as they could not enjoy the resources in their own country. Leadership remains a thing of the majority in the country. The case is not different from the Nazi atrocities that as a result of socialism democracy only sought democracy through liberty where restraint and servitude was a common feature. This encouraged the worst leaders to get on top as room for criticism was not present and members were also able to accept various values that were laid out (Hayek 86). At the end it is the dictators who rise to the top and with the support of the large numbers they think independently and come up with decisions that favor them. In the Nazi atrocities innocent people were killed as a result of leadership that was poor and did not put into consideration the interests of their citizens. Killing of women and children in any war is a crime yet such laws were ignored. The constitution set up by the German colonies was one that followed dictatorship making women and children to suffer during war breakout. Morality in the constitution was not addressed since women were raped during the war making them to give birth to bastards an issue that left them tortured psychologically. State power only benefited those with the means and the resources to let the ends stable. Groups without common goals cannot hold themselves together and this relates to the social classes that are formed in the society. Through socialism Nazism thought that they would be able to achieve all round development an issue that was never to be. The results were numerous killings which were as a result of the fatal war in the country and it is only those with the means who were able to walk away alive. From the killings it was evident that it was only those with the numbers in the country and resources who would make it to the top and manipulate those who lacked. The fact that they thirst for power and organization makes them use all the available resources including manipulating the constitution in order to get to the top (King 44). Through strategic power, they leave nothing to the simple power which guarantees them organic growth. The ways in which the economic problems of a country are solved determines how through civilization they will be able to manage their economic affairs. The level of wealth has to be improved in order to effectively build the nation. The dictators reach a point where they have to become oppressive to their subjects a move that creates a conflict of interest between them and their citizens. Living under the rules of the regime is what most dictators do and this explains why in most countries they haven’t been able to do away with the old constitution given to them by their colonial powers (Ebenstein 55). These results to a country that is planned where freedom is only limited to those with resources yet those who are poor since socialism is considered by many as a hypocritical system. This is attributed to the fact that the goals that are set through such a system can only be implemented through a brutal method. The government intervention in most of the public ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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