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War and the media (focusing on the First Gulf War) - Essay Example

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War and the Media (focusing on the First Gulf War) Your Name Here Subject Name Here Here Date Here The first Gulf war is known as the Iran-Iraq war, there are many other names that are used for this war. This war is one of the longest war in the history of the world as it started from September 1980 and ended in August of the 1988…
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War and the media (focusing on the First Gulf War)
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"War and the media (focusing on the First Gulf War)"

Download file to see previous pages It is believed that although the main cause of the war was a very ancient conflict of Persians and Arabs. At that time and moment there was a great social and revolutionary change that was occurring in Iran. There was a whole lot of establishment of religious leadership. The reforms that were occurring in Iran were of quite a serious nature. The reforms were both social and political. Saddam Hussein judged the fact that this conflict would put Iran in a weaker position and hence make it easier for the Iraqi soldiers to get hold of the situation and thus invade Iran. The master mind behind this war was Saddam Hussein who believed, that if they attacked the Iranian at this point and time of conflict and turmoil, they will not be able to counter attack and hence face quite a lot of issues with their own security. He considered as the best time for the Iraqis to take over and establish their own supremacy over the whole area. They believed this as the most opportune moment. There was also a fear of loss of power that had driven Saddam Hussein to consider the attacks. He believed that the Shiite uprising in Iran can ultimately affect the people living in Iraq too. Iraq has a dominant Shiite population and hence he feared that the Shiite Iraqis might feel motivated and rise against the Sunni establishment. It was this fear and the will to become the leader in the region that Saddam Hussein leapt into war. The reason that Saddam Hussein also felt fearless and jumped into war was that they had the support of Americans as well. Iran was undergoing a complete religious transformation and they had always considered Americans as the great Satan. They had declared openly their anti US feelings. This was what fueled the US and they sided with Iraq in this war to terrorize Iran and take control of it. Also, after the First World War , there was a demarcation that was made between the countries. The continued border disputes within both the countries also fueled the incident. If we consider the role of media, media has always been in the hands of those who are in power. In this case it was America who was quite at much stake. They had freshly lost a battle in Vietnam, which despite being a prolonged war turned out to be a gift of deaths alone for the Americans. It was highly important for them that they get a good name and reputation for themselves. Therefore, in this case they favored the Iraqi. The Iranians were very openly against the Americans and therefore, to be able to have their own say and hold in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf they sided with Iraqis. Iraqis had the worst fear in the form of their own Shiite population who might rise up against them as they attacked the Iranians, whose majority population was Shiite. This was what made the war more of name saving game for the Americans. They very publicly showed their support for the Iraqis and provided them with help and guidance so as to be able to overcome Iran. The first two years of the war proved to be difficult for Iran as they had a very weak army , and which had been further weakened by the constant uprising that was occurring in their state. They could do little to protect themselves, with the continuous infiltrations of the Mullahs in the army. Once they had been able to regain a bit of their control over the army their attack had turn to offensive instead of a defensive one. America just to prove that they were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(War and the Media (focusing on the First Gulf War) Essay)
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States often employ the media to mobilize support for war efforts. Discuss the processes at stake in relation to Gulf War II
This is and will remain a reality irrespective of the goals of numerous press people to present a balanced, objective, and unbiased judgment of conflict (Payne 2005). Perhaps no component of the recent hostilities in Iraq produces more sentiment and animosity within the armed forces than debate regarding the influence and function of the media on national policy and public support (Darley 2005).
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The effect of first gulf war on the gulf area
Peace between states is merely war by other means” (Plato-Stanford, 2011). His philosophy declares man by nature is destructive; therefore his depiction of the struggles between men is natural with the consequences of struggle resulting in war. Whether Hobbes’ summation of the nature of man is accurate or as of consequence man is propelled into war is debatable, but war by its very nature is destructive, destroying human lives, disrupting cultures, and crippling economies.
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The Gulf War
America and United Nations organization retaliated on the attack and immediately imposed economic sanctions on the country of Iraq. America completely rejected any form of negotiations that Iraq had proposed in order to leave Kuwait, among the demand made by Iraq being that America should destroy both Israel’s and Iraq’s lethal weapons.
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Gulf War
On the 2nd of August, 1990, Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait and took over control. The Kuwaitis were subjected to much torture and suffering in the months that followed. Saddam Hussein, the president justified the invasion saying Kuwait used to be a part of Iraq and should once again be so.
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Gulf War
The gulf war in 1990-1991 was a reaction to Saddam’s threat to the region, which eventually caused significant changes in Middle East affecting economic, political and social conditions. Following the coalition war, the problem of Iraq against the west was not because the regime was undemocratic because no Iraqi regime has ever been democratic but because the country’s foreign policy came into conflict with western interests.
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Gulf War
The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq was viewed by most of ordinary American citizens as something that is quite distant to them in terms not only of geographical distance but of its immediacy in terms of a threat to the nation’s oil supply, threat to Mideast peace and the overall geopolitical balance of power.
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The First Persian Gulf War
The invasion was met with immediate economic sanctions by the United Nations against Iraq. Hostilities commenced in January 1991, resulting in a decisive victory for the coalition forces, which drove Iraqi forces out of Kuwait with minimal coalition deaths.
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Gulf War
Not only the oil supply was threatened, but also there was a danger of emboldened Saddam invading the neighbouring countries like Saudi Arabia. Hence, operation 'Desert Shield' was launched with great public support and at that time, George Bush was at the zenith of his popularity.
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Kuwait-Iraq War (The Gulf War)
The Iraq Kuwait War had a combination of conflicts and had started from the independence of Iraq in 1932. Iraq refused to accept Kuwait as a separate nation till 1963. Iraq claimed that Kuwait was a part of Ottoman Empire in 18th
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The gulf war
Reporting plays a huge role in a war, it can easily manipulate the sentiments of people and a huge uproar would be caused should this happen. Media is extremely powerful and it influences the people beyond imagination, even one manipulated
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