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The channel also inspired the likes of BBC and others to cover war and give a minute-by-minute update to people who are interested in…
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The gulf war
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Client’s 14 November News channels play a pivotal role in covering a war; CNN has been given much credit for establishing peace and acting like a global actor. The channel also inspired the likes of BBC and others to cover war and give a minute-by-minute update to people who are interested in knowing what is happening across the globe. Reporting plays a huge role in a war, it can easily manipulate the sentiments of people and a huge uproar would be caused should this happen. Media is extremely powerful and it influences the people beyond imagination, even one manipulated story can change the sentiments of the people and a lot of damage can caused because of the same.
The Gulf War had serious ramifications, it all started when the late Saddam Hussein accused his neighboring country in Kuwait of stealing oil from his country. CNN covered the Gulf War very well, the two countries involved in the war used CNN to let the world know of what was happening and what were the two countries trying to do. “The real war, fought in the two first months of 1991, also used the media. Especially through the US-based satellite newscaster CNN, a world-wide audience was allowed live coverage of the war. On the battlefields themselves, this war was one of the most uneven battles ever fought.” (Gulf War) This is the power of media, it can change sentiments within seconds and no other thing in this world can do this as effectively and as quickly as the media.
Gulf War (2011). The role of CNN in Gulf War. Web. Retrieved from:   Read More
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The Gulf War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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