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Illegeal Immigrants on US Economy - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Name Institution Instructor Course Name Illegal immigrants on US economy Introduction Currently there are more than 12 million people resident on the US soil illegally. Due to their residence status, they perform tasks that normal American people would not dare do…
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Illegeal Immigrants on US Economy
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"Illegeal Immigrants on US Economy"

Download file to see previous pages Illegal immigrants have both costly and beneficial results to the US economy. The presence of undocumented immigrants also has other complex systematic impacts on the US economy (Cecilia 46). For instance, they can lead to depression of both wages and prices for low skilled Native American workers and for every consumer purchasing US goods and services respectively. This paper will seek to put forward the impacts of illegal or undocumented immigrants on the US economy. Geographic origins of illegal immigrants To begin with, all foreigners and non-citizens living in the US and are not legal residents of this nation are illegal immigrants. Many of them cross the border into the US without proper inspection or probably receive temporary admission but fail to leave upon the expiry of their departure date (Fred and Institute for International Economics, US 39). Studying undocumented immigrants is a hard task. According to the report released by the American Centre for Immigration Studies, an estimate of undocumented population within this country amounts to one-third (Cynthia 67). The report goes ahead to reveal that, of the 12 million illegal immigrants, 50 per cent arrived in the US legally but with temporary non-immigrant visas (Cecilia 63). A review of the report done on 2012 states that these immigrants overstayed adding on to the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States (Ana 29). ...
Additionally, they sum up to at least a quarter of all the employees working in the agricultural, construction, meat processing, grounds keeping, and textile production sector (Jayne 59). A 2008 report released by Perryman and reviewed by groups supporting immigration reform in the US established that, undocumented immigrants are actually a boon to the US economy. This is because, in 2008 alone, their participation and presence contributed to a $245 billion addition to the US Gross Domestic Product (Roger 78). Furthermore, illegal immigrants account for over 2.8 million jobs in the US economy, a number that this country’s able labor force would not produce even in a million years (Michael 51). As regards this report, it is clear and congruent to point out that, without the participation and contribution of the undocumented immigrants in the US, this nation’s economy would be crawling as of today. Undocumented immigrants have consumer demand benefits to the US economy (Ana 48). Of the total number of the US workforce, close to 5 percent employs economic activity that comes as a produce of the illegal immigration spending (Fred and Institute for International Economics, US 55). Of the total number of US homes, fewer than 4 percent or just 3 million is under illegal immigrant’s occupation. Fact-findings document that, illegal immigrants in the US produce $15O billion of the total economic activity of the country, which is equivalent to spending stimulus circulating every year (Gordon 44). US employers tend benefit much from illegal immigrants. Since these illegal immigrants are desperate to earn a living, they accept odd jobs that pay them poorly, usually below norms (Roger 52). In this case, an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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