The Impact of September 11 Attacks on the US Foreign Policy - Research Paper Example

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The impact of September 11 attacks on the US foreign policy September 11 attacks unmistakably form such a phenomenally drastic international political event that totally changed not only America itself but the whole world’s system at large. It would be untrue if said that the world before these suicide attacks involving the Twin Tower complex of New York City happened to be a far more peaceful and different place on many levels…
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The Impact of September 11 Attacks on the US Foreign Policy
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"The Impact of September 11 Attacks on the US Foreign Policy"

Download file to see previous pages This paper is basically an effort to describe the very important political event of September 11 attacks in relation to the influence it exerted on America’s foreign policy and international relations. The paper also discusses myriad ways by which US had to transform its international relations and alter foreign policy decisions according to the theories of international politics. On the morning of September 11, four commercial US airlines were hijacked by some 19 hijackers who were believed to be associated with Al-Qaeda and two of those hijacked jets were intentionally flown into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center. The third plane got crashed into the ground due to the angry passengers’ involvement and the last plane was deliberately flown into the important building of Pentagon. As a result, thousands of people died and many got badly injured for life. Most of the people who died from the attacks happened to be innocent civilians and a minority belonged to the military forces who ran to the attacked places to save the public. The impact zones where planes hit the North and South Towers made it virtually impossible for anyone above and below the impact zones to make an escape from the buildings, rather many hundreds of people got trapped in the poisonous fumes and dust and died of smoke inhalations after remaining entrapped for terribly long hours. However, the South Tower got attacked after the North Tower which is why significantly lesser casualties were reported in this tower as the military officials started evacuating the building immediately after the first tower got struck. US also changed economically a lot as the destruction of the towers cast serious and irreparable damage to the economy of the busy area of lower Manhattan as a result of which seriously bad and devastating influence was exerted in the global markets and ultimately it all culminated in global economic recession. US economic recession was also fomented to a large extent by the practice of investing many billions of dollars in the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq under Bush administration. Prior to attacks, the approach taken by Washington concerning the rest of the world was relatively unfocused and it became definitely very much focused after attacks. America really had no significant thoughts nor any decisions were made about other countries as the Cold War has already ended a decade earlier and also victory was bagged by US in the Cold War as the enemy in the form of Soviet Union got defeated which had earlier on managed to give a focus to Washington’s approach to the world. Post 9/11, this focus again shifted but this time the influence produced happened to be long-term and much more demanding, tiring, and exhausting for both US government and public than ever before. US took these attacks made on September 11 as a threat to not only US law, order and peace but a serious menace to global law and order which is why the important officials sat together and with agreement launched a very extensive War on Terror by first invading Afghanistan and later Iraq to combat against the Taliban belonging to Al-Qaeda and defeat them. Most of the Taliban resided in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The United States Response to 9/11

The author states that the most salient responses of the United States to the 9/11 were undoubtedly fighting the War on Terror and strengthening the air defense. The most immediate response was the creation of a $40 billion emergency fund, of which $10 billion were immediately made available for emergency rescue and rebuilding.

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Implications of an Intelligence Success or Failure of Terrorist attacks of 9/11
They aimed at the central and key areas of America. The agenda of the group was to create maximum havoc uponAmerica. The 110 storied Twin Towers of TheWorld Trade Center and the Pentagon were the symbols of American hegemony over the other nations. The Pentagon was the core of American military power, and the Twin towers, the epitome of economic stability.
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A timeline of the September 11 attacks
The FAA stops all flight operations in the capital and around the nation for the very first time in the history of America (House of Commons Librarary, 2001, pp 1-72). The president: George Bush addresses the nation and vows to find the people responsible for the attack in order for justice to be served.
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September 11 Attack on America
The recent decades have seen scientists, academicians and the theorists conduct comprehensive research in a bid to establish the causes of such a thrilling event as well as the impacts, which some remain unfolded. However, the historical descriptions in regard to this event are quite amazing to the extent of instilling fear on the contemporary society.
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September 11, 2001 Attacks
511). For many of us, with the help of information technology, the events were witnessed in real time. With initial bewilderment we witnessed the first commercial airplane crash into the first tower of the World Trade Center. When the second commercial airplane crashed into the second tower of the World Trade Center, bewilderment turned to fear.
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The Events of September 11 Attacks

The author of the report claims that the question of what caused the 9/11 attacks remains elusive but has been largely attributed to the failed foreign policy as was applied in the Middle East. The US had attracted hostility due to its support for Israel, a Jewish state, to be established and sustained.

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US Foreign Policy and Nuclear Proliferation
rgy had brought technological advances in nuclear reactors for the generation of electric power and had also increased the possibility of using such technologies for the development of nuclear weapons. The fear that came out of the possibility of a nuclear war or the use of
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A number of 9/11 views or opinion polls have been conducted to review the occurrence of diverse views and opinions concerning the attacks, both globally and in the United States. The extent, outline and value of polls logically
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Attacks of 9/11
The reason why these commercial airlines were turned into their controlled missiles was because they were wide bodied, on long flights therefore heavily fueled. Over 3,000 people died and 6,000 were left wounded. An American Airlines Boeing 767 which was heavily loaded with jet fuel about 20,000 gallons was crashed into the north tower of the WTC at quarter to nine in the morning.
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Discuss the Impact that the 911 Attacks had on US Law Enforcement
Though many American interests had been targeted in previous terrorist attempts, no attack matched the intensity of September 11 attacks. Besides the heavy destruction, the disaster highlighted the weaknesses of the once respected American security agencies.
3 Pages(750 words)Research Paper
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