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Why Do Mary Tudors Actions Reflect Self-Preservation in Light of Her Political and Religious Decisions - Essay Example

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The author explains why Mary Tudor’s actions reflect self-preservation even in light of her political and religious decisions. The author states that her past endeavors and her status as a female in a world ridden with male dominance pre-empted her actions to be as such, very personal. …
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Why Do Mary Tudors Actions Reflect Self-Preservation in Light of Her Political and Religious Decisions
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Download file to see previous pages Ann Boleyn previously painted as the innocent victim of circumstances is not such. For instance, Anne Whitelock in her book Mary Tudor: England's First Queen describes Anne Boleyn as a conniving woman hiding under the facade of innocence. Boleyn was afraid of Mary’s influence on her father and spied on them during visits. Whitelock further revokes her innocence when she declares her standing on the Spaniards, wishing all the Spaniards drowned (46). This made boldly to a relative of Spaniards was extreme. Mary’s mother died a painful death caused not only by disease but also heartache. The death of Katharine is somewhat a mystery as doctors said she succumbed to slow poisoning. King Henry is aware that his marriage to Anne may lead to war between England and Spain and this further instigated the rebellious actions of Mary; she refused to renounce her title as princess. However, at her tender age, her rage is insurmountable and her rebellious actions, though futile, may reflect her desire to preserve her dignity in the face of the hurtful changes. It is not clear whether Mary viewed her mother’s death with suspicion, or she was aware of Boleyn’s spying activities. She was, however, a suspicious person herself and highly intuitive in regard to danger (Whitelock 64). She suspects, for instance, that there is a plot against her at the time of Edwards’s death. In reviving the heresy laws, Mary managed to persecute close to 300 protestants by burning them in public (Wagner 743), hence the name Bloody Mary. Most historians see these actions as a way of conforming to religious beliefs and, in turn, imposing them on the people. While the Pope rejected the annulment of her parent’s marriage, Archbishop Thomas Crammer agreed to nullify this marriage. The contradictory state of his decision is apparent. For instance, it is clear that the King Henry VIII was in favor of the protestant religion (Wagner 731). The bishop might have granted the annulment to perpetuate this favor.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Why Do Mary Tudors Actions Reflect Self-Preservation in Light of Her Essay.
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