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Germany the Sole Guilty / From Revolution to Rise of Stalinism - Essay Example

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Articles 251 and 232 of the Versailles Treaty of 1919 attributed to Germany the sole guilt and responsibility for World War One. How did the clause affect the Weimar Republic leaders, “the German high commands stab in the Back myth and Hitler’s rise to power?…
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Germany the Sole Guilty / From Revolution to Rise of Stalinism
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"Germany the Sole Guilty / From Revolution to Rise of Stalinism"

Download file to see previous pages Whereas on the other hand article 251 concluded that Germany had to pay for the damages that were caused during the First World War. Reparations mean that the guilty party has to pay for the damages that they have caused. As a result Germany was forced to pay ?6600 million for all the damages. In addition Germany lost all of its colonies around Europe. For example Posen, which was rich farmland, was given to Poland. Poland also gained a corridor to the Baltic Sea. This separated East Germany from East Prussia. Also Danzig became a free city which was run by the League of Nations. Alsace Lorraine was given to France who had lost the land previously to Germany in 1871. Furthermore Germany was forbidden to have any submarines or an air force. They were permitted to have six battleships and an army that consisted of just a hundred thousand men. Also Germany was not allowed to put any armed forces in the Rhineland, which was next to France. The area was regarded as demilitarised. In November 1918 Germany was forced to drop out of the war. The Kaiser abdicated and fled the country. This resulted in a new republic being formed in February 1919 in the town of Weimar. This was known as the Weimar republic and the elected president was Freidrich Ebert. The Allied forces reiterated the fact that the German leaders had to be different. This new government was all about democracy, whereas before 1914 it was a military autocracy. To begin with, this idea of democracy did not provide the German public with much hope. This is because the Germans were used to strong powerful leaders. They felt as if this new democracy would get walked all over by the Allied forces. When the German’s heard about the Treaty of Versailles they were furious that they were being told to take the sole blame. They referred to it as ‘Diktat’, this means that it was an imposed settlement as the Germans had no say in the outcome. Many German’s wanted to not sign the treaty as they found it insulting and unfair. The reparations were met by disgruntled German’s who tried to refuse to pay up until January 1921. They stated that the Allied forces were trying to starve the public. This made the German public despise the Weimar Republic because they began paying back the reparations. A sense of hatred and cowardice was felt towards the new republic. In addition the Germans detested the fact that they had a small army and that they were vulnerable to other countries. Also Germany’s economy had been crippled because all of its colonies had been disbanded and in addition many Germans were living in different countries, as parts of Germany had been split. It seems that the Weimar Republic had a lot of critics, but most of it’s problems were out of its control, as the damage had been done before they came into power. Nevertheless the German public felt like they were stabbed in the back as they never wanted to sign the Treaty of Versailles as it was an insult to their pride and it makes all those Germans soldiers deaths pointless. The Weimar Republic leaders were not trusted and viewed as cowards. The Weimar Republic and its leaders suffered the repercussions of the Treaty of Versailles from the German public. This came in the form of rebellions, either from the right or left wing. The people of these organisations believed it was time for change and that Germany could not sit back and be ruled over by the Allied forces. The left wing rebellions came from fifty thousand Spartacists in 1919 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Germany the Sole Guilty / From Revolution to Rise of Stalinism Essay)
Germany the Sole Guilty / From Revolution to Rise of Stalinism Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1450977-germany-the-sole-guilty-from-revolution-to-rise-of.
“Germany the Sole Guilty / From Revolution to Rise of Stalinism Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1450977-germany-the-sole-guilty-from-revolution-to-rise-of.
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