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Elizabeth Birch - Essay Example

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Running head: Biography Elizabeth Birch Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 29 April 2012 Elizabeth Birch was born in 1956 at Wright Patterson Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio. Raised by a Canadian air force father, she went to the University of Hawaii in 1980 and graduated with a law degree at the Santa Clara University School of Law…
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Elizabeth Birch Essay
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"Elizabeth Birch"

Download file to see previous pages In 1992, as she narrates in her interview, Lotus Development Company had extended their services for the provision of domestic partner benefits; an initiative that she thought would highlight the company’s commitment to its employees, who she believed deserved the same. She contends that as the attorney for gay employees, she felt conflicted on whether she could stand by the gay people and still maintain professionalism as an advocate. This was because in the Apple Inc there was normal grassroots process within which employees were building cases for domestic partner benefits. The experience of this woman offers the exact case in regards to how gays were being viewed by the majority or some of the individuals in the state. This then offers an analytical basis of stating the perception and the stereotypes held at the time. Elizabeth narrates that once employees were to provide the cases for the domestic partner benefits they built their cases and sent it to the human resource department. This, she notes, was the undoing of the Apple gay and lesbian community as the human resource department came up with excuses of how not to implement such. Some of the excuses were that for the implementation of such to take place, it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The consequences of this were highlighted by the rejection by the Apple’s board of directors. This decision enraged Elizabeth who notes that since she was well known worldwide as the advocate for the gay and lesbian and for providing institutions and municipalities with advice regarding the implementation of sexual non-discrimination policies and domestic partner benefits, the move by the Apple board of directors was unacceptable and was in contradiction with what she believed. She notes that Apple had many gays and lesbians and such a move would mean that they were undervalued of their skills and creativity. She decided to take matters into her own hands by discussing the matter with the director, John Sculley, a bold move which she contends may have had her fired. She notes that this move was so unprecedented and unavoidable due to the fact that she could not fathom the idea of certain leaders ignoring the rights of the gay and lesbians and the fact that she could not care due to her beliefs. A meeting that was set between her and director John Sculley turned out to be the turning point of the company’s policies towards the gay and lesbian rights. She was able to convince the directors in an inspirational speech of how she came out of a gay kid, coming out of Canada. She cited reasons why she believed that Apple was a company that represented a human experiment where they try different things and build new innovative ways to do business. She then contends that equality must be attained by all employees in the company and it would send a horrible message if the company rejected such. Hers was a stand that values needed to be upheld by the company within which she represented and believed to be the most critical element. A very receptive director who took her advice and decided to implement the domestic partner benefit scheme was an indication that she had succeeded in her endeavors for this. However, this had come after a lot of convincing and showing the sense and importance of such. Soble & Power (2008) explain that stigmatization was and is still pervasive to those perceived as gay and lesbians. They cite that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Elizabeth Birch Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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