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World War II, Cold War and Post-War America - Essay Example

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America tried its level best to remain in complete isolation during the war time though; America feared that Axis powers might overcome the major portion of the globe. …
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World War II, Cold War and Post-War America
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Extract of sample "World War II, Cold War and Post-War America"

Download file to see previous pages United States became an ally with British and French and became involved in the war by supplying them with the military assistance. America offered weapons and other military support to those countries under the Land Lease Act and Cash and Carry Act. This allowed the renting of American military equipments during the tough war time. This was the crucial time when America was indirectly involved in the war with the other countries to overcome the Axis powers. During the early stages of World War II, America remained a neutral force which aimed its goal in providing sources and military assistance to all the other countries. Such countries were bound to come all the way to America to get their military supplies. However, America was under strict surveillance of Germany, for providing military assistance to Britain. As a result, Germany failed to defeat England in the war and moved its interest towards Soviet Union due to the presence of different resources available there. On the other hand, Japan was another state that was aggressively gaining control over Asia. Somehow, we understand that Japan was also under ‘steel deals’ with America. United States of America understood the Japanese motive behind their expansion which was greatly influenced by the Germany ideals. This moved the United States to place an Embargo on Japan for using its Steel. This adversely affected the Japanese manufacturing of military weapons and fueled the fire between Japan and US. We know that Japan was seeking to increase its power and influence in the Asian region to set the image as a main regional super power and to acquire the raw materials that the country lacked. Japan believed that it was the right time for the small county to grow and to maintain its dominance over China and other Pacific lands. Nationalism was the basic factor that was growing in Japan during 1930 just the way it was growing in Germany. The young generation of Japan was under heavily influenced of their leader, Hirohito. When Japan attacked China, it realized the fact that the country is fighting with two strong political wings; the Nationalists and the Communists. However, America supported the Nationalist wing but remained neutral till the very end. During the WWII, America emerged as a super power that can hold supremacy and dominancy on any nation. WWII was the war of technology and improved war-weapons. The American interests in WWII were comprised of different factors. Americans wanted to make sure about the flow of communism and at the same time, America was nervous about Japan’s increasing power in the region and about its move towards South-East Asia. American Foreign Policy would have been damaged if Japan had attacked and took over Philippine. For Americans to safeguard their interest in the region, they thought it is highly important to deploy the atomic bomb. At the same time, America was also worried about the expansionist plans of Hitler. The main interest lied in the maintaining its supremacy and dominancy on greater part of the world. World War II has played a key role I the formation of several factors that established the foundation of modern America. It shaped the entire country in a new transition. World War II helped America to get out of economic depression, political isolation and social conservatism. The World War II also enabled America to revive its domestic policies, foreign relations and to expand itself in both social and cultural arenas in a different manner. World War I was America’s first involvement in the Europe, however, during World War II, America maintained its supremacy on the greater part of the world, expressed its military power, cultivated new alliances and shaped new diplomatic relations with the major powers. Part 2: America and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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