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In his book, the praise of low voter turnout, Krauthammer Charles identifies some of the challenges American faces as renowned democratic country. It appreciates the democratic space in America and supposes that in the same sense of democracy, Americans are suppose to register increased voter turn out in their election…
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In Praise of Low Voter Turnout
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"In Praise of Low Voter Turnout"

In this paper the writer talks about the constitutional projection of the US and what it envisaged about voting pattern and volume. In this case, the writer point out that the founding constitution of the US acknowledged that the population of the US were still not much educated and that if everyone was allowed to participate in voting then majority will not make independent and informed decisions. This projection by the constitutions of the US has been considered unfortunate as the US Electoral College has proved it otherwise. The low voter turnout has been combated by the college which has endeavored to reverse the trend. The writer also argues that more efforts should be taken to make choice of the leaders and that it is more important that this happen than many voters turning up for voting if they do not take time to verify and make a choice of whom should be elected. He reiterates the need of the informed population engaging in the electoral process because time has to be taken when doing election such that all factors can be considered prior to polling date. The writer says that this will avert the otherwise option of electing leaders with respect to party line, race and ethnicity (Cooper 177). In the event that the electoral process takes this direction, it can then be said with certainty that the problem that was eluded by the former president George Washington will surely come true. Washington expressed that the aspects of political parties is a recipe for jeopardizing democracy since it creates a lens with which choice will be made otherwise. He alluded that the citizens tend to pay more allegiance to the political parties than the nature of the candidature an individual carries. He also points it out clearly that the voting that takes the perspective of party lines is that which is considered with the uneducated. The uneducated have no choice to make other than the political parties category. In his analysis, he says that the uneducated individuals will not analyze the candidates to reach a decisive and informed choice or rather they believe that the political parties have it all for the ability of the candidates (Cooper 201). To them the contribution of these candidates to the congress or as the president does not really matter. Voting without scrutinizing the candidates is considered naivety and that without a proper consideration; a cast vote is a wasted vote. The writer in a snapshot indicates that high voter turnout is essential in a country that proclaims democracy and that this should be informed. Voter turnout is the percentage population that finally cast their votes with regard to the total population that is duly registered and is eligible to participate in any democratic election as stipulated in the constitution. Voter turnout is not only a problem to the US; this is pandemic that faces virtually Read More
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