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The Relationship Between Authoritarian Rules and Economic Growth in Russia and China - Essay Example

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Instructor Date The relationship between authoritarian rules and economic growth in Russia and China Authoritarian regime does not necessarily mean that there is slow or rapid economic growth. In this context, both the regimes have implemented some strategies for survival namely; co-optation, coercion, a limited flow of information, performance legitimacy, and the raise in cost of cooperative activities in civil societies…
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The Relationship Between Authoritarian Rules and Economic Growth in Russia and China
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"The Relationship Between Authoritarian Rules and Economic Growth in Russia and China"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, Russia’s incoherent ideological range tries to mix statism, market liberalism, and its ethnocentrism, which might further be compounded by weak elite commitment, unlikely to change because of deeply entrenched weak institutions and patron-client relationships. Whether authoritarian communism would one day result in a credible option to capital tolerant democracy depends on the regime’s ability or its failure to develop a clear mission and a unique self image in the form of discrete regime ideology to lead its foreign policies and development paths (Fuh-sheng 378). Democratization weakens authoritarianism through presenting a clear alternative. Quick economic development in China shows that democracy could deliver the economic and social outcomes desired by a majority of citizens. Presently, china contradicts much of the relationship between democratization and economic development. A measure of democracy is realized in China’s small social unit that is the humble village. The democratization was approved by the communist party of in an attempt to improve the political rule of the vast number of villages in the country. The poor villagers seem to move from rural to urban centers and therefore have limited interest in improving the villages’ governance. Conversely, many rich villages are run smoothly, giving a good reason such as not paying taxation so that they can continue supporting incumbents (Fuh-sheng 379). This means that village democratization is uneven and mostly concentrated in the middle class villages. Collective economy has only grown in these villages at the same time with democratization. The two support each other and also are a central role in village autonomy. It is thus logical to argue that both China’s limitation of democracy and the general insufficiency of democracy confound the relationship between democratization and economic growth. Communism emphasizes on class struggle, vanguard party, and elimination of private property. The prospects of democratization for idealists include pressure for change in the local scene and in international norms, economic development, and liberalization felt by citizens as leaders promise some hope in the future although there is no firm schedule followed. On the other hand, pessimists argue that economic growth strengthens dictatorship and therefore political liberalization is limited. To pessimists, democracy is not the only option, and this is the reason why the Russian public is disillusioned with democracy. The views of democratization are important for the quest for liberty and freedom by the citizens of China and Russia (Wong 154). Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, this country has 5recognized only one form of regime; Mao’s comparatively conventional communism, which emphasized on class struggle and isolation. During post-communism or after the death of Mao, Deng Xiaoping came up with a market-based communism which had Chinese characteristics. Several significant differences are stemming up between Deng’s and Mao’s economic systems after Mao refused to implement the kind of capitalism that were permitted by Deng in his later years, yet it is thriving China. Both the authoritarian rulers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Relationship Between Authoritarian Rules and Economic Growth in Essay)
The Relationship Between Authoritarian Rules and Economic Growth in Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1448397-the-relationship-between-authorian-rules-and.
“The Relationship Between Authoritarian Rules and Economic Growth in Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1448397-the-relationship-between-authorian-rules-and.
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