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Obama and the Historical Left Wing Attacks on 2nd Amendment Rights - Research Paper Example

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Obama and the historical Left Wing attacks on 2nd Amendment rights Name: Institution: Introduction The 2nd Amendment rights talks on the bill of rights. It allows the people of the United States the right to keep and bear their own arms. This right is not to be infringed by Congress or any government administration…
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Obama and the Historical Left Wing Attacks on 2nd Amendment Rights
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"Obama and the Historical Left Wing Attacks on 2nd Amendment Rights"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the paper also has details on the role of the Supreme Court and effects of Obama reelection on the status of the Second Amendment1. The individualism of the Second Amendment has what has brought the modern debate on the issue of owning arms and guns. The State is recognized as supreme and individuals that exist are there to serve the State. Therefore, these freedoms are granted by the State, which act as a protector and provider for individuals and groups. The Democratic Party from the Clinton administration up to the current Obama’s administration has had several attacks on the second amendment. The Clinton administration officials and Obama Attorney General co signed an amicus succinct in the District of Columbia v. Heller. The brief signed was in support of DC’s ban on all hand guns. In addition, the ban was on any use of firearm for self defense at the homes. In the brief, it was argued that the second amendment was a united right, instead of, an individual right. However, the modern day freedom patriots and founders of America saw it differently. The amendment was not put to protect hunters and sportsmen2. The amendment was to protect the individual right of freedom, and further, it was to protect an individual from a dictatorial State. More guns are needed in the communities since citizens ought to be armed and taught how to use the weapons for the nation to be free. However, the obstacle to this objective is the Constitutional right of the American people to bear and keep arms. The keeping of the arms can prevent the government from oppressing the citizens. This is because people will have the guns at their disposal any time the government tries to oppress them. The solution to the gun problem lies in the implementation of the constitution. The ownership of the arms is to be restricted with legislation. The government is trying to replace the 20,000 federal, local, and state gun laws. This is done by prohibiting or controlling of arms with laws3. The second amendment proponents for gun control are trying to strip the constitutional rights of the Americans to bear and own arms. This is being done by advocating for piece-by-piece and step-by-step dismantling of the amendment. This call to dismantle the Constitution is to transfer power from the people to the hands of the minority ruling elite. The gun control laws started way back in 1934 when a Federal Gun Control Act was passed. This law restricted the sale of automatic weapons like machine guns to the citizens. In 1938, another act followed that prohibited the people convicted of felony from possessing weapons. In addition, all the dealers and sellers were to be licensed. These laws induced gun control and restricted availability of guns to the people of America. Another act of 1968, on gun control, regulated the use of imported weapons. In addition, those who were mentally stable, minors, those convicted of a felony, and the people who used illegal guns were forbidden from possessing weapons. The Brandy Handgun Violence Prevention act was put in place in 1994. This act placed a five day waiting period for those who wanted to purchase weapons. There are State laws that have been put in place regarding the second amendment. Most states consider it a crime to leave weapons in a place that can be accessed by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Obama and the Historical Left Wing Attacks on 2nd Amendment Rights Research Paper. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/history/1448037-obama-and-the-historical-left-wing-attacks-on
(Obama and the Historical Left Wing Attacks on 2nd Amendment Rights Research Paper)
Obama and the Historical Left Wing Attacks on 2nd Amendment Rights Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/history/1448037-obama-and-the-historical-left-wing-attacks-on.
“Obama and the Historical Left Wing Attacks on 2nd Amendment Rights Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1448037-obama-and-the-historical-left-wing-attacks-on.
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In the US, the media has been used as the main channel of communication which political contestants have used to critisize each other’s policies. This study, therefore, analyses the effect of the media coverage on the United tates incumbent president. Obama has received negative media campaign in his bid for the presidency.
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