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Looking at the Four Way Relationship among Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, and Webster, which Man do you Find more Admirable and Why - Essay Example

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Looking at the four-way relationship among Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, and Webster which man do you find more admirable and why? Which do you find least likeable overall? Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) was the seventh President of the United States and is considered to be a major influence between the times of Presidents Jefferson and Lincoln…
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Looking at the Four Way Relationship among Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, and Webster, which Man do you Find more Admirable and Why
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"Looking at the Four Way Relationship among Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, and Webster, which Man do you Find more Admirable and Why"

Download file to see previous pages First is the one concerning the “nullification crisis”. Prior to this period, under the American System a lot of subsidies were being granted through tariffs imposed on imports and otherwise aiding the domestic industry because it was thought to boost the economy. When Jackson came into power, he curbed these trade protection measures which resulted in an outcry and retaliation from the Congress. The crisis that developed with strong stances from both sides was dimmed when the Congress announced it would lower taxes in 1833. The second episode was concerning the “Bank War”. The Bank of the United States was a corporation controlled by the Congress with basically two major functions, one was to print paper money and the second was to manage the government’s finances, however Jackson thought that such an institution was dangerous and wrongful and later vetoed a charter asking to expand the Bank’s role. Jackson became the advocate for the people against the elite who had set to exploit them. By doing this he introduced a new but permanent theme into American Politics. Further, Jackson strengthened and extended the role and responsibilities of an American President. He inaugurated the “spoils system” which was in effect a patronage system whereby once a party wins the elections, the government gives employment to its voters as an incentive to stay loyal to the party. During his time in power, Andrew Jackson displayed a lot of strength and patriotism and with his precise aim and steel will was able to greatly impact the face of American politics for generations to come. (Miller Center, University of Virginia). Daniel Webster (1782-1852) was an American statesman, lawyer and orator and a strong supporter of nationalism. Following his quick success, Webster was elected for the House of Representatives in 1812. Later, Webster left the congress and moved to Boston, where he proceeded to establish himself as one of the nation’s greatest lawyers. He returned back to Congress in 1823 and was elected for senator four years later. Webster allied with President Andrew Jackson over the issue of nullifying tariff in South Carolina but apart from that they were not really on the same side. Webster ran for presidency but was never elected. (Sydney Nathan). Henry Clay (1777-1852) was an American statesman, congressman and senator. Clay was a supporter of balancing the rights of Free states as well as slave states and fought for federal funding for the national bank, the industry and for much needed investment in infrastructure. Clay also ran twice for the Presidency, both times unsuccessfully. (Bio.Truestory) John Calhoun (1782-1850) was an influential American politician, senator and political theorist. He was Vice President of the United States from 1825 to 1832 during the presidency of John Quincy Adams and also during the initial time period under Andrew Jackson. Calhoun resigned from Vice Presidency in 1832 and was then elected for the United States Senate. He had been a supporter of President Jackson initially, but with the passage of time and events their alliance deteriorated and Calhoun withdrew his support from Jackson after he turned against him. He subsequently became a strong voice against Jackson’s policies especially, the “spoils system”. From the time beginning from1832 and leading up to this death, Calhoun dedicated his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Looking at the Four Way Relationship Among Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, and Essay)
Looking at the Four Way Relationship Among Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, and Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1447619-looking-at-the-four-way-relationship-among-jackson.
“Looking at the Four Way Relationship Among Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, and Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1447619-looking-at-the-four-way-relationship-among-jackson.
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