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Does Canada's Official Policy of Multiculturalism Strengthen or Weaken the Country's National Identity - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Does Canada’s Official Policy of Multiculturalism Strengthen or Weaken the Country’s National Identity? Introduction Definition of Multiculturalism The term multiculturalism has many definitions that all revolve around the same meaning…
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Does Canadas Official Policy of Multiculturalism Strengthen or Weaken the Countrys National Identity
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"Does Canada's Official Policy of Multiculturalism Strengthen or Weaken the Country's National Identity"

Download file to see previous pages This application is usually done at the organizational level, for example, nations, states, cities, towns, neighborhoods, businesses, schools, and hospitals among others. Another author, Bumsted (p 12), defines multiculturalism as a school of thought embodied in political philosophy that addresses the best way to respond to religious and cultural diversity. Examples of Multiculturalism Good examples of multicultural societies include Canada, Argentina, Australia, Netherlands, and Continental Europe among others (Garcea, p. 51). In these countries, multiculturalism is treated seriously, with policies being put in place to ensure that there is the development of lasting and useful relationships within cultural, religious and ethnic groups (Kelley and Trebilcock, p. 49). New comers and other groups that may be seen to be marginalized such as immigrants are treated with respect and reached out to so as to ensure that they feel part of these countries or regions (Jedwab, p 33). These countries recognize the existence of multiple cultures, ethnicities, and religious groups, which are all treated equally (Banting and Soroka, p 156). Definition of National Identity National identity is defined as the identity of a person that gives him/her a sense of belonging to a particular nation or state (Kelley and Trebilcock, p. 101). ...
These common elements or common points include national consciousness, national language, national symbols, national colors, blood ties, and a nation’s history among others (Jedwab, p 40). Importance of National Identity National identity is important because it gives an individual a sense of belonging to a particular country or nation. National identity is known to strengthen the cohesion of citizens of a particular nation (Tierney, p 90). National identity brings about unity and cooperation among individuals of the same nation because they unite with fellow countrymen to achieve common national goals such as fighting common threats and protecting members of a nation (Smith, p 14). National identity is known to promote patriotism and a love for one’s nation (Day, p 12). Multiculturalism and National Identity of Canada a. Historical Perspective In Canada, multiculturalism exclusively refers to the concerns and attention given to cultural diversity. These concerns address issues related to linguistic diversity, religious diversity, racism, cultural identity, and immigrant integration (Day, p 48). The history of multiculturalism and national identity in Canada dates back to 1867 when Canada was officially recognized as a country. Since then, issues of cultural diversity have been part of policies in the country (Jedwab, p 23). The initial concerns that brought about the need for multiculturalism and national identity in Canada were inspired by the need to foster good relationship between the original people of that country and the state, assimilate immigrants, and bring together the ‘two founding nations’ of Canada, namely, the French and British ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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