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Is It Irrational Not to Be a Consequentialist - Essay Example

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Consequentialism Name: XXXXXXXXX Professor: XXXXXXXX Institution: XXXXXXXX Course: XXXXXXXX Date: XXXXXXX In the study of ethics and history there are various different theories that come into play in the determination of the kinds of different people that we relate to in our daily endeavors…
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Is It Irrational Not to Be a Consequentialist
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"Is It Irrational Not to Be a Consequentialist"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, there is the establishment that the kind of action taken by the individual, either upright or rather morally acceptable behavior is what leads to the result. However, it also states that in the presence of morally wrong behavior, it does account for any bad or rather deeming consequences. In the paper, there is the clear exploration of the question whether it is irrational not to be of the consequentialism mind. The question is definitely one asked by people over ages and many are times that an ideal answer has lacked to emerge. Most people are of the concept that a person who sides with the consequentialism ideology is irrational. This is, however, not always true, as only the pessimists look at the ideology in that manner. “This is explained in that the thought of it being irrational is fueled by the thought of a consequence that will be very detrimental. It would hurt either the performer of the action or even the people that will be pretentious of the action either directly or indirectly” (Mill, 2008, 77). This basis is not legitimate on its own because of poor or ignored review of the other concept of thought and consequences of actions. This supports the notion that goes by the adage that the result of something is clearly justified by the means used to achieve it. On the other hand, there are those that are clearly optimistic by thinking that despite the manner or the method used to get to a point, the mind ought to fathom the consequences. Irrational not to be on the consequentialism ideology describes the optimists vividly. “As they are described, they just carry out their activities without the perception of the looming danger in case the idea or the project they may be contemplating working out may not conceive the desired conclusion” (Singer, 2006, 49). One of the well-known scientists in the field of human perception, Professor T.M focused his views on the issue using the concept of human rights. “The professor was recognized to be very thorough in his explanation. He did this in an effort to explain the nature of both the ones who term the ideology irrational and rational” (Scheffler, 2004, 167). The professor explained clearly that if a person has the right to carry out a certain desired act knowing it will not endanger other people; the consequences of exercising rights are self and hence, there is the allowing of the practice. In the review of this subject matter, focusing on the general ideology is not convincing and detailed enough. Hence, the scrutiny by breaking it down to the various philosophies that comprise the general ideology of consequentialism has to happen. One of the comprising philosophies is Utilitarianism. “A famous historian by the name of Jeremy Bentham was known for his advocacy of the concept. In his explanation of the philosophy, he claimed that for a human to take a certain course of action, there are two main perceptions that linger in his mind. One of them is gratification, while the one is misery” (Samuel, 2007, 127). The historian stated that the searching of pleasure could make a person go through misery as long as the result was going to be pleasure. For example a mass murderer who goes out on a killing spree to satisfy his pleasure of seeing people suffering. “With this notion, it is thus noted that this form of utilitarianism describes a member irrational to be a consequentialist” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Is It Irrational Not to Be a Consequentialist Essay)
Is It Irrational Not to Be a Consequentialist Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1444128-is-it-irrational-not-to-be-a-consequentialist.
“Is It Irrational Not to Be a Consequentialist Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1444128-is-it-irrational-not-to-be-a-consequentialist.
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