European Colonization of the Americas - Research Paper Example

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The colonization of the Americas by European countries took place around 1492 after Christopher Columbus set sail and discovered rich resources like spices and thought about trade in America. This paper helps to discuss how Europe was both weakened and enriched by its colonization in America. …
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European Colonization of the Americas
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"European Colonization of the Americas"

Download file to see previous pages Some say that many of these diseases even occurred because of communicability from Europe to the Americas as well as climate change and environment change for those that were transported from the Americas to Europe. European lifestyle on the whole was very dynamic as compared to the era that the people were living in at the time. People were in close contact with domestic animals like cows, goats, sheep, horses and pigs for the purpose of livelihood and food. This furthered the process of catching diseases due to the lack of medicinal opportunities available to them and thus new germs were introduced to the people, killing almost 10 to 20 million people within the span on the century. Most of these people were the American natives and this led to a great amount of both political as well as cultural instability in the country at the time which gave more leverage for the English to warp in on the opportunity and establish more settlements. For them, it merely meant more land and space to capitalize on. Economically speaking, European countries benefitted a great deal by the degree of goodwill that they gained by exploiting the opportunities with respect to resources available in the Americas; they were able to import spices, cloth, as well as other kinds of treasures like silver. Most of the slaves that were transported were Black Americans and due to the migration, there was a loss of identity and language among the Americans giving yet another upper hand to the Europeans so that they would be able to manage and establish another version of Europe altogether in America. The main reason for English settlement included an inspiration from Spanish conquests during the Inca...
This paper stresses that European colonization in history has been regarded as one of the strongest colonial powers; the Europeans were able to set foot in almost all the territories around the world, gaining an excellent base with regard to trade and investment all over. They were able to use their knowhow and intelligence to build on and use resources and thus they managed to exploit opportunities and make themselves stable and rich with time. However, with their colonization in America, they faced problems as well as were termed to be successful in various ways.
This report makes a conlcusion that by capitalizing on American resources, setting up industries, building passage ways from the Americas to Europe and furthermore, being able to import and export labour and human resources, they were able to enrich themselves. However, at the same time, this also proved to have certain amount of demerits as American migration proved to bring about communicable diseases in Europe, slaves and labourers were looked down upon with time with regard to international human rights and thus the Europeans were looked at as a harsh and brutish community of people. At the same time, they lost out on a great amount of their own population as well as religion, which tended to make the European countries unstable in terms of polity and social life. With lesser natives in the European countries, they had no choice but to depend on the Americans. In this manner, they were both weakened as well as enriched by their colonization in the Americas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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