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Why is China characterised as a 'Party-State' - Essay Example

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China also known as People’s Republic of China is a typical country located in East Asia. It covers approximately 3.7-kilometer square miles of land hence the second largest state in the world area wise…
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Why is China characterised as a Party-State
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"Why is China characterised as a 'Party-State'"

Download file to see previous pages (Haggett, 2002:2386). Facts surrounding the general governance of such a large country agree it is a complex matter to deal with. Formal examinations done in a number of cities within China conform to this claim. However, putting focus on structural party membership shows that what is happening is largely contributing to state-party character. This is evident in that, the State of China has a system of governance that does not allow any other candidate to vie for any seat in the general elections since it is a single-party state. Reformers characterize People’s Republic of China as a state-party country due to several factors. For instance, since 1949 there has been only one party ruling all over the State of China (Shambaugh, 2009: 4). This party, Chinese Communist Party, often deals with dissents brutally and does not tolerate opposition. This State has bodies that that facilitate adjacent ruling throughout different channels of command within all its governing arms that include judiciary, legislature, and executive. There are also other governing organizations and bodies in China that include; politburo, national people’s congress, courts and prosecutors, party elders, discipline commission, state council, military affairs commission, armed forces, and provinces and townships all charged with different powers and tasks. The most senior organization or body, politburo, is in charge of decision-making with its members facing no competition from anyone during elections, thanks to their survival instincts in a political culture whereby saying anything wrong can result to a life under house-arrest, or even worse. Politburos also make it to the top due to their abilities as well as their patrons support. It is the ruling party that dominates the over all outcome of these decisions made by the politburo. Additionally, people characterize People’s Republic of China as state-partied because power stems in a dynasty for long. What elaborates this is the force granted to administrators serving in the ruling party. Influence of leaders runs across all those loyalties created by him or her within the organization of a family. In this case, Chinese belief that personal relationship with leaders from the ruling party counts more than a title of a job. A distinctive example of such scenarios is the way Deng Xiaoping continued being a paramount leader even after resigning from all his official post long ago. This reveals the reason why elders in the party are critical during critical decision-making. Moreover, the ruling party, Chinese Communist Party, established measures to curb the rising focus on ways of making China a multi-party state, as they would mean competition. Therefore, the party is strengthening its organizational tools by extending further to involve successful businesspersons in its organization. Within China, there is an existing belief that Chinese Communist Party is a by-gone thing and can barely withstand or survive in the world’s modern globalization process (Burns, 2003:776). Nevertheless, the party is assuring itself continuum by reaching and gaining enough strength from other organizations and institutions within the new social strata of China’s executives. Consequently, from people’s perspective, it is a redefined but still a centralized government. In addition, is has a central role from the same party, which has been in existence for a long time, hence characterized as a state-party country (Sato & Eto, 2008:654). Political analysts characterize the State of China as a state-party country since independent candidates are facing daunting obstacles to their wish in becoming leaders in People’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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