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Gun Control Issues in the United States - Research Paper Example

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This paper depicts both the arguments for and against gun control and proposes some ways the issue can be resolved. This paper also highlights the laws and acts from the state government’s point of view to prevent serious harms resulted from gun ownership…
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Gun Control Issues in the United States
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"Gun Control Issues in the United States"

Download file to see previous pages The national firearms act was the first act that restricted the rights to own guns. The guns were then provided to the people after complete background checking and assuring as if they really needed the gun for a fair use. The federal act of gun control was introduced in 1968, and as per this act, each gun is provided with a unique serial number that is held by the gun buyer. 1990s’ amendment then proscribes the criminals to become a gun owner and makes it essential to check the criminal record of the buyer during the sales time. Gun control opponents argue that people bearing handguns are able to defend themselves from criminal offense assuring personal safety. Whereas, the advocates of gun control suggest that increase in crime rates is an outcome of widespread ownership of the gun and ultimately bring negative consequences both in terms of private and public (Gun Control Debate 2011).  Since 1934, various federal laws have been acted out to promote federal regulation of firearms and ammunition, the constitutionality, and efficacy of which is continued to be a strong debate. Gun control proponents argue that laws and regulation to control gun ownership and holding can prohibit convicted felons, mentally challenged and other individuals who are not safe to the society to misuse guns to create harm. The advocates of gun control also suggest that accessibility of guns to these high-risk individuals can successfully be reduced by only the federal regulations and policies for gun usage. Some people even sought for extensive modifications in gun control policy such as non-police handgun possession and the registration of all firearm owners or firearms should be prohibited almost exclusively. For this prohibitive act regarding firearms, they insist that such regulation is not barred by the constitution and it does not incur any substantial social costs. Some proponents do not consider such strict policies rather they go for moderate policy alternatives such as the ones which would not hinder legitimate possession and transfer of firearms. The opponents of such federal policies have much stronger arguments. They refuse to accept that federal regulation can prevent firearms access by high-risk persons. They argue against the gun control acts indicating that such controls often disturb law observant citizens by creating burdens on them. Some people consider these policies as a violation of constitutional rights catered by the Second Amendment. They even give reasons for their opposition to gun control by demonstrating that they consider the widespread possession of the gun as one of the best impediments to criminal offenses and to likely despotism as well, whether through the use of guns by gangs or by the government. Some opponents may also criticize the impression of enhancing federal powers as opposed to state and police forces (Gun Control 2002). Gun control had been considered a prominent issue neither in the 2004 Presidential campaign nor in the 2008 campaign.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gun control
...on. They argued that the answer to gun problem is to give guns to the law abiding and responsible citizens of America rather than taking them away from them. People and other law enforcing bodies, share the view that guns are used for stopping criminals from committing crimes and to prove this statement right, Gold includes a report by U.S. government that figured 100,000 crimes that are prevented by ordinary citizens per year (Gold 2004). Gun control has been a matter of debate in the United States of America with one group advocating the benefits of strong gun control laws whereas the...
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...Significant changes within Gun Control ethical issues Introduction Gun control is a concern that aims to reduce the firearms with the public members of a nation. This has elicited a lot of discussion as to whether it is justified or not but the thing that is for sure is that there will be significant changes within this field. If the public was denied the right to possess guns for their own safety, there will occur many changes within the society. According to Barbara, “Gun control will have effects on the general public that may be detrimental but in general, the control of firearms is...
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Gun control
...focus on the debate regarding empowering civilians versus empowering criminals, it can be seen from the analysis above that such a debate ought to be examined in view of the prevailing ethical principles in order to fully understand the nature of the issue. Works Cited Albert, Ethel, Theodore Denise & Sheldon Peterfreund. Great Traditions in Ethics. New York: D. Van Nostrand Company, 1980. “Gun Control in the United States.” Open Society Institute. March, 2000. Center on Crime, Communities and Culture. Retrieved January 13, 2006 from web site Holmes,...
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Gun Control in the United States
...of crimes involving guns in our communities. However, as DeConde (2001) notes, ‘no social issue of recent decades has produced more distorted data and contention among Americans than the struggle to control gun violence’ (p. 3), and so the issue is far from simple. There are well over 200 million guns in the United States (far more than in other developed countries) while the gun laws are comparatively weak. Canter ( 2006) found that when the US is compared to other economically-developed and democratically-governed countries, the age-adjusted rate of death by firearms is eight times as...
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Gun Control
...? Why Gun Control? (College) Why Gun Control? The liberal use of guns and gun related crimes have become an order of the day inthe United States. People who use guns do not realize that guns are enemies even to those who use them. The present scenario in the US indicates the need of gun control. The use of guns must be controlled so as to ensure public safety and social order. Once the permission to use guns is given to an individual, the liberty and free life of the fellow beings are...
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...Gun Control in America With the advent of time, man has moved ahead from the Stone Age to an era of development and progress. The understanding of the world and the importance of an individual has led to the recognition of the requirements and the rights of every being. Matters that were not considered to be significant have come forward as issues of serious debates. Gun Control is one such issue that has become a matter of intense debate in the United States. Different rulings have been passed with regard to the issue of gun control. Many citizens...
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Gun Control
...control in many nations, the murder rate has often risen; this again demonstrates that there is no direct correlation between gun control and reduced murder rates. When considering the statistical correlation between gun control and increased or decreased crime rates, there are a number of startling facts that demonstrate gun control is an effective policy. One of the most prevalent such examples of these trends occurs when statistically comparing Canada and the United States. In both 1991 and 1995 Canada enacted increasingly stringent gun control laws,...
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The United States government should ban gun control laws
...? The United s Government Should Ban Gun Control Laws Lecturer: Lecturer: The United s Government Should Ban Gun Control Laws Gun control is the policy or laws that restrict citizens from possessing personal firearms. The gun control laws vary from one state to another. For instance, many countries such as the United Kingdom restrict citizens from owning personal firearms. However, the government of the United States has limited restrictions; hence, many people own personal firearms for varied reasons...
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Gun Control
...consider that the same can ensure security in the society. Harry L. Wilson states that, “For many, a gun can be seen only as a dangerous weapon that, for most people, is not a necessity” (6). The government’s duty is to ensure security to the citizens in the society. When the authorities fail to ensure security to the people, the arms industry will gain upper hand and influence the people. Susan Dudley Gold states that, “Firearms claim more lives in the United States than any other injury except motor vehicle accidents” (11). This fact is the grass root level reason behind the arguments on the necessity of gun control....
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Gun Control
...Gun Control Violence, gun control, and gun rights have become the most popular issues in the current events. These have continued to raise a debate, and have borne considerable controversies. The people in the United States are highly divided, with regard to these issues. While some support gun control, others support gun rights. Nonetheless, gun control includes the laws, rules, and regulations, which restrict the manufacture, sale, ownership, and use of guns. On the other hand,...
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