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Native American Relocation - Research Paper Example

There were two small American towns that were highly associated with the American Revolution by the British colonizers. These towns were Concord and Lexington. The leaders of the intensifying rebellion around the Boston area had their concealed arms being stored away from the areas where the British Army would seize them. To this, their main choice was a very quiet village known as Concord, about 20 miles on the western side of Boston. Following some knowledge of there being concealed arms in the area of Concord, there was an order coming from Thomas Cage, the then British Army General, on 18th April of 1775. He ordered a group of 700 soldiers to go to this area and search inside out to seize all kinds of arms that they could set an eye on. 2(Johnson, 2006 p23) However, friends and spies of the Americans informed the Revolutionists of the impending attack. Two lanterns, who were hanging from the North Church of Boston passed word to the countryside that the British Army was to attack by sea. Also a number of horseback riders like William Dawes, Paul Revere, and Samuel Presscott served in warning the countryside that the British troops, otherwise known to them as the Regulars were coming. 3(ushistory.org, 2011) As the soldiers marched towards the directed area, they would hear cat calls from behind trees, doorways and fences. As midmorning approached, the British soldiers had found their way to Lexington, just half way to the village of Concord. At the Green center of Lexington, the amazed

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Native American Policy
According to the paper the discussion will include how this law conflicts with the second amendment and the supremacy clause of US constitution. Indian policy had shifted from the destructive mindset to a soft line and a peaceable policy. When the Indian Wars ended the Wounded Knee Battle, the battle had resulted to over 200 deaths, and all these marked change in the Indian policy.
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How the Manifest Destiny Affected Native Americans in the U.S
This paper depicts how the Navajo fought the United States for its lands and settlements. The struggle of land rights among the Navajo tribe gives ideas into the intricacies of impetus in people that disregard casual consideration and demands ongoing inquiry if we desire to make sense of who we are as we live in all our differences across the globe.
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Native American Indian Mascots
One of the Mascot’s intent is to honor American Indians (AIs). Despite great attempts to persuade schools and universities to discontinue use of mascots, studies show that at least 90 colleges and 1200 high schools in the US continue to use mascot images and logos, AI mascots remaining top ten.
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Native American Cultural
They sometimes refer to themselves as American Indians, who are scattered geographically. Native Americans experience high levels of substandard living, poverty, insufficient healthcare, unemployment, and other socioeconomic hindrances that make daily living a constant struggle.
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Native american culture
As she herself puts it across, her writing has at its core “the attempt to identify what it is to be a half-breed or mixed-blood person” (Sanchez 114). In the pages of history, the great westward expansion has never been included under the theme of colonialism as such.
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Effect of the American Revolution on Native American groups
The first settlers of America were called the Native Americans. Before America became a colony of the Europeans, Native Americans already have their own civilization which included their own system of irrigation and other agriculture-related techniques. One of the famous civilizations that influenced the history of America was the Aztec civilization, which was considered as one of the largest cities at that time.1 However, when the America had been discovered by Christopher Columbus on October 12, 1942, everything started to change.
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Addiction and Native Americans
A 2008 Associated Press report claims that about 12 percent Native American and Alaska Native deaths are alcohol-related. This figure is three times higher than the percentage in the normal
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Native American Women's Role
And yet, it appears that there is no clear public understanding of the realities of women’s and girls’ lives in this country” (Inashaza, 2006). The main objective of the study here is to identify the various roles taken up by the American women in the
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Native American
Before the European influence, Native American music consisted mainly of voice, percussion instruments such as drums, rattles and shakers, or wind
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Native Americans In Kentucky
Richard Henderson signed a treaty on March 15, 1175, that transferred most of Cherokee native land to the Transylvania Company. Factors surrounding the signing of this treaty were to affect the way Kentucky was to treat natives for a very long time. The most significant factor was the interpretation of a tribal leader's-remark at the treaty signing.
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British soldiers came face to face with around 70 civilians, who had hunting rifles and ready to strike. As a form of precaution, the Commander of the British forces holding the rank of Major and whose name was John Pitcairn, ensured that his troops formed a standard formation of three ranks and ready for a battle. The concerns of John Pitcairn did not revolve around any firing of shots since he had 700 men against 70. Thus, he ordered the civilians aggressors to put down their rifles and then disperse. The Captain of the Patriot militia, John Parker made no direct reply to Pitcairn, but instead spoke three sentences to his side, which would establish a revolution. He (John) said “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon. If they want to have a war, let it begin here.” (Johnson, 2006 p23) He, however, never ordered the militia to put down their rifles. It was not quite clear as to from whom the first shot came, but it was quite evident that the civilians were not ready to give way to the British Army. More shots came after the first one and all emanated from the militia. Despite this, there was not an immediate reaction from the British forces. The British forces did not have any combat experience, just like the civilian side. Subsequently, they reacted by making a first and a second undisciplined shot without even waiting for any commands from their leader, Pitcairn. Captain, John, who was not to surrender, had faced music as they were torn through by the British Army. As a result of this battle, eight civilians met their death at the Green center of Lexington and ten of the civilian side, were injured as well. The British Army just suffered a single victim where one of their soldiers suffered a slight injury. From this pioneering clash between the civilian rifles and the British Brown Bess muskets, it was the British side that took victory home. Their leader, Pitcairn was not happy with the action took by his soldiers where


Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: Lexington: Eight Revolutionists Died Here In April 19th of 1775, there was a British military’s taking part in the fight against the American Revolution. On this date British soldiers shot at a smaller civilian group at Lexington green and this was called the Battle of Lexington…
Native American Relocation
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