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This essay, The Nicene Creed, declares thatthe Christian faith is based upon the Nicene creed, a profession of faith that was formulated by the ecumenical council in 325 A.D. during their meeting in the city of Nicea located in what is now known as Turkey…
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The Nicene Creed
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"The Nicene Creed"

From this discussion it is clear that contrary to public belief, the Nicene Creed was not unanimously approved by the council. Of the 300 bishops in attendance, there were 17 who refused to sign and by the end of the council meeting, 14 of the 17 were convinced enough to signed the creed. Most of the argument regarding the content of the creed stemmed from the use of the word “Homoousius” which means “of one substance”. Their main argument is based on the misuse of the word by Paul of Samasota who had used the term to describe a division of nature coming from the same source such as “several coins from the same metal”. This study outlines that the church used creeds such as the Nicene Creed to bring order to an otherwise confused and scattered ideology of the Christian church. This was the basis of Christian doctrine before the New Testament bible was invented and called the Holy Scripture. For an order which was meant to bring unity to the church, it instead divided the believers more and more because Arius had previously proven that the creed and liturgical teachings were all open to and subject to interpretation. Therefore, the Nicene Creed failed in its mission to unify the Christian Church under one belief and one God. In modern times, the Nicene Creed has become an important tool in the Western world for affirming the validity of the New Testament bible. Those who believe in the writings of the bible give credence to the Nicene Creed. Read More
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