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Political Philosophy (Hobbes' ideas about human nature) - Essay Example

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Introduction Born in 1588, Thomas Hobbes is considered as the founding philosopher of the Western Political Philosophy. His political philosophy formed the foundations for the Western governance based on the social contract theory. Considered as a champion of the absolutism of the sovereign, he also believed to have set the fundamentals of the Western liberal thought…
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Political Philosophy (Hobbes ideas about human nature)
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Political Philosophy (Hobbes' ideas about human nature)

Download file to see previous pages... Both these influences seem to have greater influence over the way Hobbes political thoughts developed over the period of time. His thoughts on political philosophy were therefore strongly oriented towards separating religion from the politics and state. Hobbes strongly advocated the minimal role of religious orthodoxy into the affairs of the government and resultantly he suggests that it is the sovereign which should have an authority over the religion. What is critical to note that Hobbes suggested that a person’s duties to God must not override his duties to the sovereign? This therefore makes his overall political philosophy different from earlier thoughts on the relationship between religion and the politics. This paper will discuss the philosophy of Hobbes and will make a comparison and contrast between his philosophy and that of Locke. Hobbes on Human Nature One of the most important difficulties while one reads about Hobbes’s thoughts on the human nature is the fact that his ideas on human nature cannot be easily separated from his overall political philosophy. ...
Hobbes therefore strongly believed that Man is not the social animal because a society cannot exist without the establishment of a government. This orientation of the Hobbes towards the nature of the man therefore suggests that man will be at war with each other perpetually. Such tendency of the man therefore can only be controlled if there is a strong sovereign with absolute powers to control such instinctive nature of man. It is because of this reason that Hobbes believes that absolute monarchy may be the right kind of political system to control such institutive nature of man. To better understand the political philosophy of Hobbes and his ideas on human nature, it is also important to understand his concept of the state of the nature. The state of nature is used as a hypothetical condition which preceded the government. Hobbes increasingly views human nature from the perspective of the state of the nature because he believe that the human nature in the state of nature is quite poor, brutish, solitary as well as short. He therefore argues that the man essentially is a selfish individual and in the absence of any government, his selfishness can prevent the establishment of a social or society. He therefore argues that in order to accommodate the individual rights within a society, it is important for individuals to cede some of their rights and others will also follow the same. That is how the society is created out of the essential human nature. (Martinich) He also went on to argue that a man cannot, by his nature, find god or evil and therefore in order to live in peace, it is important for him to subjugate him to an authority of the government which is strong enough to provide the required support to an individual. Another ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Are Hobbes theories of Politics on a Sicence of Human Nature as scientific as he might like to think
According to the research findings it can therefore be said that Hobbes argues that society needs an absolute sovereign who exerts control over a wide range of areas, and whom the subjects are not free to displace or to disagree with. He considers this to be necessary because of the inherent nature of humans that leads to conflict.
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Comparison and Contrast of Ideas of Thomas Hobbes and Rene DesCartes
His contributions in the field of analytical geometry, algebra, and calculus have been enormous. He demonstrated a link between philosophy and physics. The Ideas of Thomas Hobbes Hobbes’ main concern was how social and political order can be set so that mankind can live in peace and harmony.
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Hobbes, Machiavelli and Moral Relativism
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Compare and contrast the ideas about human nature in two theorists Hobbes and Locke
Despite certain similarities that were largely due to similar historic and intellectual context of the Enlightenment, the philosophers maintained dramatic differences in their views on social structure, political organization and the nature of human being.
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How far does Hobbes view of human nature provide a secure basis for psychology today
His book shows a tendency to rationalize human conduct. As a confirmed royalist, his purpose was none other than to justify the absolute power of the ruler. In order to
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Early Islamic Philosophy: Human Beings are by Nature Political Animals
e 10-15th century (often referred to as the golden years of Islamic philosophy) philosophers such as Al-Farabi, Ibn Bajjah and Ibn Tufayl owed a large debt to Aristotle’s conventional thought in Politics, all three great thinkers constructed their own separate insights.
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1)Hobbes and Locke wrote about the social contract. Which of them do you think developed the best version of this concept In your answer explain your criteria for best. 2)Explain why Kants views amount to a major new way of understanding p
Thomas Hobbes and John Locke are considered as the most influential political theorists the world has ever seen. Thomas Hobbes and John Locke developed their own theories about human nature. Their theories
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The Theories of Thomas Hobbes
According to the author of the text, Hobbes' most famous work that has contributed extensively towards the western political philosophy is his book Leviathan, which was published in 1651. And the investigation has shown that there was a strong background as to why Hobbes decided to get this book published.
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Thomas Hobbes and Materialistic Determinism
Due to his proximity to the great events of the time and a desire of peace and security for his fellow citizens, he believed that he should dedicate all his abilities to the problems of society. The question of a man has always been at the center of Hobbes’ creativity.
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