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From Slave to Statesman by Patricia Smith Prather and Jane Clements Monday - Book Report/Review Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date From Slave to Statesman The book from Slave to Statesman by Prather and Monday talks about the life of a slave who rose to the political helm. The book traces the early life in slavery and point at the task that slaves did in the society…
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From Slave to Statesman by Patricia Smith Prather and Jane Clements Monday
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"From Slave to Statesman by Patricia Smith Prather and Jane Clements Monday"

Download file to see previous pages The political situation during slavery period was turbulent; many people lost their lives because of the violation and abuse of human rights. The historic events in the book help the reader to understand the situation that was in the United States of America before a dawn of a new era. The book provides the history of servitude and introduction of slavery in United States of America by the British Colonist. The book stretches to provide the nature of activities that the slaves did. Human slavery was a prison of the free and the blacks that were imported from Africa bore the brunt of the hard labor on the hands of their cruel masters. It reminds the reader of the great steps that the society has made in stumping out human tyranny through determination and courage. The path to success for the slaves was fraught with so many challenges, but they endured to uphold their values and change the face of the society. The salient points in the book are as follows; servitude in United States of America exposed the blacks to work for their white masters. The black slaves worked under hostile working conditions and served their masters without questioning them for a very long time. Other than the hostile working conditions for the slaves, freedom was a preserve for the slave masters. The shelters that slaves used defined their status in the society. Slaves had little choices to make in life during their service period. Their contribution in the society was the physical efforts, which they provided in order to build the states in America. Social lifestyle of the America was quite different from the life today. The Slaves were second hand citizen who did not deserve to share anything with the whites except their service in the society. This notion promoted discrimination of the blacks in the American society. Racial discrimination in America traces its root from the time of slavery, when the blacks were to be seen, but not to contribute to any controversial issue in the society. Joshua a slave boy did not get an opportunity to marry a white woman as he had wished because of social gaps that were promoted in the society (Prather & Monday 7). Largely, the book pointed out the atrocities that the slaves faced in discharging their services to the society. The treatment of the slaves portrayed the whites as brutal and inhumane characters in the society. Many slaves sustained injuries during their work, had to succumb to the beating by their masters and had to accomplish their tasks without question. The determination and courage of the slave is another salient point I learnt in the book. Changing the face of the society into accepting outcasts to rule was not an easy work. The union of the salves and advocating for human rights was a great inspiration to the society. Changing of the codes of service to incorporate the slaves was a daunting task that contributed to lose of life, registration of bruises and imprisonment of many who were against slavery. Change in the society does not come easily, but has to cost lives and time of the people who yearn for change. In the book, the slaves were determined and courageous with their pursuit for change. Slaves spent their leisure time telling tales about their slavery a told to them by the grandfathers who were slaves. Oral literature was a means of preserving information about slavery from one generation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(From Slave to Statesman by Patricia Smith Prather and Jane Clements Book Report/Review)
From Slave to Statesman by Patricia Smith Prather and Jane Clements Book Report/Review.
“From Slave to Statesman by Patricia Smith Prather and Jane Clements Book Report/Review”, n.d.
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