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Political, Social, and Economic Issues in the US between 1795 and 1840 - Essay Example

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The author of this research "Political, Social, and Economic Issues in the United States between 1795 and 1840" aims to analyze overall state of the US during particular history period. To describe that, researcher reveals history events and relationships related to the US.
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Political, Social, and Economic Issues in the US between 1795 and 1840
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Political, Social, and Economic Issues in the US between 1795 and 1840

Download file to see previous pages... On the political front, Rip could probably be satisfied to learn that George Washington had successfully commanded American forces into victory against attempted invasion. Besides, it could have been a big surprise for Rip to learn that America and Britain were once more working on a common interest to end slave trade after Wilberforce’s arguments gained public support. A planter in South Carolina would be more politically conscious and explain to Rip the strides made since 1795. For instance, Rip would have been informed that South Carolina was very open minded in issues dealing with human rights. He would be informed that slaves were allowed to buy their freedom before the Act that abolished slave trade came into force (White, 17). He would also learn that South Carolina as one of the first thirteen states that formed the federation, had remained committed to political development and had in fact voted for the abolition of slave trade. The British occupation of larger part of Midwest and the burning of Washington would probably not go unmentioned too. Moreover, Rip would be surprised to tour states like Ohio, Illinois and be informed about the intense economic development in industries. He would probably learn that the economic rivalry between Ohio and Illinois in agricultural products had seen the Old North West farmers make huge efforts toward achieving of their aims. As an agriculturalist, he would also surprise Rip with Monroe’s obsession with production and the subsequent selling of Virginia. PART B The Presidential election of 1800 had been regarded as the revolution of 1800, a transition that saw Vice President Thomas Jefferson beat the President John Adams. The elections were majorly seen as a battle...
The Presidential election of 1800 had been regarded as the revolution of 1800, a transition that saw Vice President Thomas Jefferson beat the President John Adams. The elections were majorly seen as a battle for ideology in which the pro-French president lost in favor of the pro-decentralization: Jefferson. The issue of concern was probably on the political direction that the people wanted versus the direction the president wanted. This conflict of interest exposed constitutional flaws with regard to a tie in results. Aaron Burr’s and Jefferson’s candidacy had to be decided by the House of Representatives which eventually elected Jefferson.
On a different front, the presidential election of 1924 also came in with challenges given that no candidate acquired the required majority of the electoral vote, prompting the House of representative to vote a presidential candidate. Ironically, the candidate who had acquired majority of Electoral College votes was not the one voted by the House of Representatives. Rationale for determining who goes into the House of Representatives became so difficult to the extent that the top three candidates with majority votes were accepted into the House of Representatives. Both cases were indicators of different vested interest in party politics in the US that is occasionally characterized by propaganda.
Politics in the United States has come a long way to achieve democracy that the federation not only enjoys but also offer to the world so freely. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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