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Liberty - Essay Example

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Liberty is the position in which an individual is not under limitations due to the possibility of intimidation or suppression. From both ethical and political perspectives, liberty is expressed as the condition by which people are able to govern themselves, behave on their free will without suppression and have full responsibility for their deeds. …
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Extract of sample "Liberty"

Download file to see previous pages Liberty can be both unconstructive and helpful. Negative liberty is characterized by nonexistence of impediment or interferences; whereas, positive liberty is an act of taking charge of personal life and appreciating the basic reason of existence. Varying ideologies of liberty entail the association or connection between the society and individuals; these include relation to life under the social contract and the active exercise of freedom and rights as essential to liberty. Liberty and lack of restrictions work interchangeably. In this regard, liberty helps to instill individuality and to suppress individualism.
Characteristics of being in a liberal state include; being free, ability to do as one pleases, power to choose think or act on oneself, freedom from subjective or dictatorial control, as well as the positive aspect of social, political and economic right and privileges. Liberty could be divided into three categories, political liberty, which entails the direct impact of justice in relation to personal freedoms or rights. There is also social liberty that alludes to someone’s right to socialization. Finally, economic liberty indicates either the availability or inadequacy of economic power or hindrance by other parties of the individual from the same (Judt, 2011). Liberal is a label that can be respectable and displays less than it conceals. According to Tonny Judit, a liberal is someone who is not in agreement with interference of others affairs, one who tolerates attitudes that may be considered dissenting and unacceptable behavior. Historically, liberals have always been ambassadors, championing for individuals freedom to live freely and as they choose. Liberty does not exist on its own, but it is rooted in inspiring principles, which are interdependent. These principles are collectively referred, as democratic values that are the basis of democracy. These principles include fairness, justice and rights (Friedman 2009). Equality refers to individuals having rights that are free from any biases, since it is based on the notion that people are conceived on equal ground. However, this principle at times is said to contain an assertion that individuals must achieve equal access to wealth or property to, completely, attain this equality. Compared to equality, a libertarian tends to regard liberty as of more significance. They believe one should have the freedom to exercise anything he or she wants unlike being equal to the other. For instance, libertarians believe in suppressing the governments’ influence on its citizens and strongly disagree with the act of levying taxes to establish large-scale projects. Thomas Jefferson, a libertarian argues that liberty should be natural and is an unchallengeable right. Liberty and equality can coexist coherently in a constitutional government through formulation of a framework that checks the two principles. A right involves responsibility, duties or commitment on other parties ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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