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Most Significant Events During World War II - Essay Example

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the most significant events since the World War II. These events provide facts and information concerning prominent people, the role their played in these events and how these events affected the world at large. …
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Most Significant Events During World War II
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"Most Significant Events During World War II"

Download file to see previous pages I think that this event achieved the intended goals. William Schneider stated that "Suburban growth is not likely to end anytime soon.” and I fully concur. Years have passed and more communities and homes have urbanized (Martin, 1979). In 1950s, the suburbs’ homes were single story-ranch styled residences, but the houses now are 2, 4, or still yet 4 story mansions. Automobiles also made the suburbs reachable. In the midcentury, the automobile background defined America in many ways. Henry Ford was behind the reason why suburbs developed the way they did in the year 1953. His inventive plan of making cars lessened manufacturing expenses thus decreasing the retail cost for clients. This made the life of suburbs easy because they could go to work every day and return. The government also played a considerable role in this development; they provided financial support and loans to people who were willing to move to newly designed suburbs. They encouraged the movement from the city; the federal legislation came up with an inexpensive method where people were allowed to build a new house outside the city instead of developing a pre-existing house inside the city (Gilbert, 2004). Some of the earliest and most well-known suburbs in the post war period were the Levittown developments. Civil Rights and the Crisis of Liberalism: (1947-1969) Greatly walled out from 1950s success; Latinos and African-Americans, fought to acquire the freedoms denied from them through rampant racial discrimination. When the civil-rights movement began to blossom, young, fairly wealthy baby-boomers spread the revolt to other sets of American life (Genovese, 1993). Their fundamental goals at times collided with Lyndon Johnson’s liberal policy of making use of federal...
This essay stresses that as aggravation mounted during the era of limits, conservatives struggled to reinstate customary religious and social principles. Ronald Reagan had a program to decrease government regulations, increase military spending, and lessen taxes. A recent conservative Supreme Court set restrictions on government involvement in the matters to do with social rights, abortion, and the church/state division. However as the national arrears rose more and a depression deepened, electorates reined in the conservative association.
This report makes a conclusion that the U.S. has the vitality and the strength to carry on shaping this world. America is a world leader but in many cases, it has failed the world. U.S. ought to prevail over its political dysfunction and re-orient its strategy. If U.S. does not come up with better strategies, in the next ten years, their economy will stagnate or decline and their political climate will not improve either. Am sure most America citizens know that their economy is gradually collapsing due to of enormous trade arrears, white-collar jobs outsource, unbalanced budget, wavering housing market and increasing national debt. The wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq are adding more monetary demands to their economy. If this continues, United States can go bankrupt in a-few years. Drastic measures ought to be carried out but politicians are virtually doing nothing. In ten years, I do not anticipate any changes with America unless different strategies are implemented. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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