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Author Name Instructor Name Date Band Of Brothers Introduction Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose is considered to be a master piece, since it represents the life of people in the military regimen. Military histories and stories are rare and this one from Stephen Ambrose is certainly a unique one, as the entire story is presented in such a way that it includes information about the soldiers, military officers, trainers and the military generals…
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Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose
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Download file to see previous pages American military system is different when compared to the other military systems in the world. Every aspect of their training involves vigorous challenges and tasks are generally tough. This is done to make sure that the people in the training camp get to know about the nuances of the military field. Though many other authors have come out with books on military experiences, Stephen Ambrose makes a mark by revealing even the minor issues faced by the people in the military camp and it focuses on the life of the army personnel and how they struggle in the personal as well as their professional life. The contrast between the other military systems and the American military system is drawn by describing the way in which the trainees are given the freedom and ability to learn more things and to have a control over a drastic situation. This book perfectly fits into the overall context of the American Military Experience, as it denotes the power of America and the control it had over its neighboring countries. The period after the First World War was not favorable for any country except Germany. Under the leadership of Hitler, Germany turned out to be the most powerful country which had the ability to acquire other small countries around Germany. This worsened the situation of other countries and due to this reason, America which was considered a super power even then, decided to set up military training camps and regimens to train people who could help the country during wars. As the idea of Second World War was certain, the people in America prepared themselves to face the other countries which made their presence felt during the First World War. Ambrose has written this book with an intension to examine the lives of the people in the American Military camp and to describe their day to day life, the problems they encounter, the mental strains, physical pressures and how they overcome all this to fight for the nation. The book gives a complete picture of how the people are trained and how well the officials help them to become the one who can tackle any sort of a situation. Thesis The striking difference between other books on military works and Band of Brothers is the ability of the author to provide a clear idea and description about the military troops. The author has carried out this in a much simpler yet detailed manner and this is the main reason why this book drew the attention of many. The author has written this work to explore the real incidents and the problems the military troops and the officials undergo. The major idea behind this book is to exhibit how well the American Military troop of EC 506th regiment tackles and defeat the well established and equipped military people of Germany, (Ambrose, 1992) which was then under the control of Adolf Hitler. The author’s aim of making the reader experience the real trauma and risk that a military officer undergoes has been paid off in this book. The book was a phenomenal success, as it covered almost all information that other military histories fails to include. Ambrose’s Approach to Military History The major idea behind this book is to examine the situation as to why the country sets up military camps at different places and it also intends to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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