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Alan Greenspan - Biography - Term Paper Example

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 Alan Greenspan Name: Institution: Alan Greenspan Alan Greenspan is the current chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board. The board is charged with the mandate of determining official interest rates. Alan Greenspan is seen as an inflation hawk. He is condemned for concentrating on managing inflation instead of decreasing unemployment levels…
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Alan Greenspan - Biography
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Download file to see previous pages Alan Greenspan’s father was employed as a market analyst and stockbroker in New York City. Greenspan was brought up by his mother (Miller, 2011). In 1944, after graduating from Juilliard School, Alan Greenspan was rejected for military service by a draft board in downtown Manhattan. This is because he had a mark on his lung that seemed like tuberculosis. Alan Greenspan had no plans for the future. From an early period, Alan Greenspan had a lot of interest in music. He is also presumed to be well acquitted with mathematical knowledge early in his existence. Alan Greenspan pursued his interest in music by joining the Juilliard School of dance, drama and music. It was at this point that he auditioned to play the clarinet for Henry Jerome’s band. During this time, Alan Greenspan further advanced his talent in music and later on traveled around with Henry Jerome and his music group (Martin, 2000). He got the opportunity to become a member of Henry Jerome’s band, but he did not become a celebrity. During the tour with Henry Jerome and his music group, Alan Greenspan played the clarinet and saxophone. Nevertheless, his talents with numbers made him handle the band member’s taxes and the band’s financial records. ...
Alan Greenspan went to George Washington High School from 1940 to 1943 when he graduated. He was classmates with John Kemeny. Alongside with classmate Stan Getz, Greenspan played the saxophone and clarinet. He continued studying clarinet from 1943 to 1944 at the Juilliard School. After the end of the war, Alan Greenspan enrolled at New York University for economics. A number of his classmates found it difficult to comprehend concerns relating to economics, but Alan Greenspan was highly interested in equations and numbers. While he was there, Greenspan got two degrees, one in 1948, and a Masters degree in economics in 1950. Later on, at Columbia University, he pursued advanced economics under the guidance of Arthur Burns but dropped out. He failed to complete his PhD at Columbia University because he was not able to afford tuition (Miller, 2011). In the early part of 1950s, Alan Greenspan established an association with the philosopher and famed novelist, Ayn Rand. His wife, Joan Mitchell, introduced him to Rand. Moreover, Rand gave Greenspan the name, Undertaker, because of his reserved demeanor and liking for dark clothing. Although Greenspan was at the outset a logical positivist, he was moved to Objectivism, Rand’s philosophy, by Nathaniel Branden. In the period of 1950s and 1960s, Alan Greenspan became a supporter of Objectivism. He wrote articles for Objective newsletters and contributed a number of essays for Rand’s book. Among the essays he wrote was an essay that supported the gold standard. Rand and Greenspan stood side by side during the Council of Economic Advisers swearing-in, and they remained friends till 1982 when Rand died (Miller, 2011). In 1951, Alan Greenspan met Joan Mitchell; they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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