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Ulian Bond's political influence and chaos caused within the NAACP - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Julian Bond Horace Julian Bond, an American social activist was born to Late Horace Mann Bond and was born in 1940 in Nashville, Tennessee. Horace Mann Bond was the first African-American president of Lincoln University which was the oldest Black college in America…
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Ulian Bonds political influence and chaos caused within the NAACP
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Download file to see previous pages He was the co-founder of Pegasus which is a literary magazine and he also worked as an intern in Time magazine. On Easter weekend, 1960, Julian Bond along with hundreds of students was founding members of Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and very soon he became the Communications Director of the committee. He managed the organization’s printing and publicity departments. He also acted as the editor of the SNCC newsletter, The Student Voice. Bond also worked in voter registration drives in rural Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas. In his student life in 1960 Bond was a founder of Committee on Appeal for Human Rights (COAHR), the Atlanta University Center student civil rights organization segregation. This committee directed for three years non-violent protests against segregation of Atlanta’s movie theatres, lunch counters and parks. In 1998, Julian Bond was selected as the chairman of the committee of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). From his college days to his present chairmanship, Julian bond actively participated in various movements in support of civil rights, peace and economic justice. He has always been an aggressive spokesman for the downtrodden1. Julian Bond’s political career Julian Bond was always actively involved in the civil rights movement and from such activities he was able to launch his political career. In the mid 1960s his political career illustrated a shift among the grassroots leaders away from the politics of “race men”. He became motivated by an ideology of racial uplift which does not necessarily mean full equality. Bond soon realized that to maintain civil rights initiatives the African Americans needed to gain a political presence. From an early age Bond used to run political office. Bond was a voter registration worker and he realized that African Americans can enjoy full equality only if they access to the ballot. With the experience he had garnered by organizing the black community, he was able to run a successful campaign for state office. Julian Bond had successful political career in running grassroots campaign. In 1965 he was elected in the Georgia House of Representatives to a one year term. Bond used to openly speak against the War in Vietnam and because of his negative views, the members of the House voted against him. Bond was elected two more times and after that the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Bond’s rights were being violated by the Board by refusing him his deserved seat. He was then elected to the Georgia Senate for six terms between 1975 and 19862. Bond served four terms in the House and six terms in the Senate. In the Senate, Bond became the chairman of Fulton County Senate Delegation, the largest and most diverse in the upper house. He was the first black chairman. He was also the Chairman of the Committee on Consumer Affairs and a member of the Committees on Human Resources, Governmental Operations, and Children and Youth. When he was member of Georgis General Assembly he sponsored more than 60 bills which went on to become law. Some such bills which were passed were authorisation of a minority set-aside program for Fulton County, and a state-wide program providing home loans at lower rate of interest to Georgians having low income. He fought for two years in the courts and was successful in creating a majority black congressional district in Atlanta and organised the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus3. During his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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