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The Construction and Purpose of Maya Pyramids - Term Paper Example

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This term paper describes the discussion on the conctruction and purposes of Maya piramids. The researcher focuses on the context of Mayan Civilization and culture and unveils the architectural and engineering skills of Mayan civilization and its purposes…
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The Construction and Purpose of Maya Pyramids
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Extract of sample "The Construction and Purpose of Maya Pyramids"

Download file to see previous pages The discussion that is presented in this term paper is based on Maya pyramids, that unveils the architectural and engineering skills of Mayan civilization and its purposes like cultural, ritualistic, religious, as landmarks and burial chambers. The researcher concluds the term paper and states that the Mayan pyramids represent the innovation in the fields of architecture and engineering. The essay describes that the development in the field of agriculture helped the Mayans to be innovative and creative. Besides, the construction of massive pyramids proves the Mayan accuracy in planning and implementation. The symbolic value of Mayan pyramids that is analyzed in details also proves its cultural purpose. In addition to that, the pyramids acted an important role to fulfill the ritualistic needs of the Mayans. As the Mayans were devoted to their religion that is described in the term paper, the pyramids acted the role of a gathering place to perform religious activities. For example, as the Mayan people gave more importance to their gods, kings and their ancestral lineage, some of the pyramids were made use as burial chambers. The Mayans also used to maintain trade relations and the pyramids acted the roles of land marks for it. In addition, the Mayans considered the elite class as the representatives of their gods and some of the pyramids were used as burial chambers. In short, the construction and usability of pyramids in different fields prove its vital role in the Mayan civilization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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