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Analyzing two art work - Essay Example

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Since, they relied on agriculture for their livelihoods, whereby timing and predicting exact climatic patterns was of great significance in ensuring high yields during harvest…
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Analyzing two art work
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Extract of sample "Analyzing two art work"

Analyzing two-art work Chichen Itza Pyramid analysis Figure Chichen Itza Pyramid. Accessed on 10Th December from < http> Work’s function or purpose
The core purpose for the pyramid’s erection was for astronomical predictions among the Mayan people. Since, they relied on agriculture for their livelihoods, whereby timing and predicting exact climatic patterns was of great significance in ensuring high yields during harvest periods (Bilsen 596). Its shape once the sun illuminated on it produced a feathered snake like shadow, which the community deemed had a connection with the agricultural rituals (Bilsen 595). Therefore, they sacrificed humanity and especially women to appease the rain gods.
The structure acted as a calendar for the Mayan community, which is evident from its various features characterizing its sides (Bilsen 596). These include 91 steps from each side besides the top whereby in total comprise the 365 days of a full year, hence its structure was more symbolic than mere external depictions. In addition, people deemed this pyramid was a physical depiction of the link, which they had with Kukulkan (feathered snake) (Bilsen 594). The community held that Chichen Itza Pyramid acted as their source of economic power owing to its central purpose, which encompassed making sacrifices meant to appease their gods.
Main visual characteristics
The entire building besides having a pyramid shape, it comprised of 91 steps on its four sides and one at the top. These make up 365 steps, which is a symbol of Mayan calendar, which they used to predict various seasons. Besides, there are also stairways on the sides running from top to bottom characterized by feathered snake engravings.
How it expresses its culture.
The expression of culture is evident from the pyramid’s various structures besides its symbolism of the Mayan calendar (Lopata 28). For illustration, inside chambers that acted as places for offering sacrifices when appeasing to their gods for rain or other favors. Hence, the entire community held an immense veneration for its spiritual beings, which the community deemed possessed unsurpassed power meant to manipulate their environment. Besides, various chambers inside the structure depict both the social and political array of the Mayan community (Lopata 28).
Comparison to "Djenne Mosque"
Both the Djenne Mosque and Chichen Itza Pyramid acted as centers meant for worship by their respective communities, though the latter utilized human sacrifices (Gardner & Kleiner 400). Besides, the two structure’s builders did not utilize the same materials for their constructions. Mosque’s dominant material was mud bricks, whereas Chichen Itza Pyramid carved stones besides occupying large area (Gardner & Kleiner 400).
Pantheon analysis
Figure 2: Pantheon. Accessed on 10Th December 2012 from Work’s function or purpose
The structure was a temple erected to honor gods, which the Romans deemed had a significant impact in their lives. Therefore, it acted as a place to display and venerate them during various times of the year. Contrary to numerous temples of its time, it also acted as a sign of power whereby people besides venerating the gods, likened them with some of their powerful leaders, for illustration, Emperor Augustus (Lesley 12).
The temple displayed the prestige and incomparable influence of the Roman gods, which according to the natives enabled them to thrive in all aspects entailing their lives. This was evident from the state’s wealth, religion and leader’s influence in the region they inhabited. Hence, the entire state was unsurpassed compared to other numerous states due to its military prowess in the region. Therefore, the state because of its link with the celestial deities possessed adequate power meant to dominate other states.
Main visual characteristics
The temple’s remarkable visuals encompass rectangular portico, dome center and Corinthian columns whereby the latter is in three rows (Lesley 38). The entire structure assumed a circular shape where the domed center rests on thick walls bracing it from the sides. Roof was a half-perfect sphere form decorated from the inside besides a spacious floor and gods displayed on the walls.
How it expresses its culture
Pantheon’s expression of culture is evident from its magnificent architectural designs that have persisted to date, though with few inclusions emanating from current modifications (Lesley 18). For illustration, columns and circular shaped roof that characterize numerous Roman buildings to the present (Lesley 49).
Comparison to "Parthenon"
Parthenon and Pantheon served as temples for their communities’ respective cultures (Beard 23). Mainly, these communities used these temples to display their deities’ statues, which they deemed enabled them to have elevated statuses in their individual regions. They also adopted a similar architectural design, which encompassed the use of long columns especially in structures’ forecourts (Beard 95).
Work Cited
Beard, Mary. The Parthenon. London: Profile, 2010. Print.
Bilsen, Frans, A. "Repetition Pitch Glide From The Step Pyramid At Chichen Itza." Journal Of The Acoustical Society Of America 120.2 (2006): 594-596. Web. 10 Dec. 2012.
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Lopata, Peg. "Chichén Itzá." Faces (07491387) 24.10 (2008): 28. Web. 10 Dec. 2012. Read More
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