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Joseph Stalin Politics - Research Paper Example

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An author of this writing attempts to describe a brief biography of Joseph Stalin. Moreover, the writer pays special attention to the political activity of Stalin. Stalin implemented a system of forced collectivization and industrialization of agriculture…
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Joseph Stalin Politics
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"Joseph Stalin Politics"

Download file to see previous pages He became a Marxist revolutionary. For that he was persecuted, arrested, even exiled to Siberia. Yet he always escaped and continued his work underground. He organized strikes, protests, was spreading propaganda, etc. He quickly gained popularity with the Bolsheviks and was personally working together with Lenin. During the Bolshevik’s seize of power in 1917 Stalin’s involvement was not of any significance. (Kuromiya 34) However, he quickly raised ranks in the Communist party and was assigned to the position of general secretary of the Communist Party in 1922. (54) This title was not considered high-ranking, but it gave him the opportunity to build a base of support.  In 1924, after the death of Lenin, Stalin announced himself his official heir. He managed to outmaneuver other party leaders in the fight for the top political seat of the USSR. (Service 3) In effect, by the late 20’s he became the dictator of the Soviet Union. Stalin implemented a system of forced collectivization and industrialization of agriculture. Millions of people had to pay for it with their very lives. He also created a new program of rapid industrialization and as the result economy reached colossal increases in the productivity, albeit at a great cost. The Great Terror started in the 1930’s when Stalin decided to “purge the party of enemies of the people”; thousands of suspected citizens were executed and millions exiled to slave labor camps, of which the whole network, known as gulag, was created. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Joseph Stalin
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Joseph Stalin a seminarian and serve in the ministry afterwards (Joseph Stalin Biography). Stalin, nevertheless, sought affiliation to a secret organization known as Messame Dassy whose members advocated Georgian independence from Russia. Driven by its cause, Stalin expressed his object of interest in radical activism through which he necessitated to communicate subversive political perspectives of the monarchical Russian government at the time and this led to his expulsion from school in 1899 prior to graduation. As a continuing endeavor of his young yet dynamic passion to oppose and change the system of government in Russia, Stalin fully immersed...
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...Stalin Joseph Stalin is considered to be one of the bloodiest dictators of the twentieth century, a person who is responsible for the death of 20 millions of Soviet civilians nevertheless got a very kind nickname in American and European press: “uncle Joe”. The phenomenon of Joseph Stalin has no analogies in world history, as he his personality cannot be compared to Mao Zedung, Pol Pot, Adi Amin and other bloody dictators. Most of other bloody dictators stood at the foundation of their regimes, they were the leaders who led the country to them. Stalin wasn’t. No one in 1910’s could even imagine that some 10 years later Russian empire will be ruled by that reserved and silent Georgian, who had a terrible Caucasian accent... to note that he is...
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