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This research paper is about Joseph Stalin, who is considered to be one of the bloodiest dictators of the twentieth century, a person who is responsible for the death of 20 millions of Soviet civilians nevertheless got a very kind nickname in American and European Press: “Uncle Joe”. …
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Download file to see previous pages The paper shows that Solzhenitsyn writes that on the hand with hatred to Ukrainians, Chechen people, Baltic nations, and some small ethnicities, which suffered exile to Siberia or Cold prairies of Kazakhstan Stalin, agreed that only Russians and Jews remained to be faithful to him. To my point of view, it’s not true and can be regarded as a subjective point of view of the author. Stalin hated Jews, during his power Jews were proclaimed to be “fifth column” and a number of Jews suffered especially in after war years, a number of Bolsheviks elite representatives and army generals were Jews and nearly all of them suffered in the years of great purges.
Making a conclusion it's important to outline that portrait of Stalin given by Solzhenitsyn in the novel The first circle is very accurate and realistic. If the majority of western authors gave an only historical evaluation to Stalin and Edward Radzinsky sometimes gives illogical arguments for justification of Stalin’s cruelty, then Alexander Solzhenitsyn presents him as an aging tyrant who created an empire based on terror and blood and who understands that it will break immediately after his death. It was his main purpose to show his cruelty, paranoia power and helplessness at the same moment. He was considered to be country’s leader, which stood only on the power of terror. It wasn’t accepted by his former ally from Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito, and he was mad. The only pleasure Stalin got on his birthday was the murder of Tito’s friend and another Yugoslavian communist Traicho Kostov. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stalin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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...Running head: COMPARISON A Comparison of Stalin and Hitler You're The period of time leading up to WWII depicted two leaders who were similar in many ways but of which had opposing views and were on opposing sides as well. These two men were Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin whom over the years have been depicted as two of the most ruthless and disregarding leaders of human rights that have been discussed throughout history. This research gives a comparison of their differing view points and how they both rose to power in their countries. Some of the points show that while Stalin was focused on building an industrialized empire, Hitler was attempting to form a communist control over the...
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...Hitler versus Stalin: An Analysis Studying personality in history is difficult. One should begin without any prior judgment, with a clear mind not tinted with prejudice. That is especially difficult in the case of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin; whose legacy of terror and destruction is still imprinted in the minds of people even decades after their deaths. Both Hitler and Stalin were born to peasant families. Stalin though, being a brilliant student won a scholarship to a seminary. While studying to be a priest he read many books forbidden in Russia in those days. One was Karl Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’. Stalin emerged from the Seminary, not as a priest but...
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