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The Advantage of Brazil in the Financial Position - Term Paper Example

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In this paper, the author demonstrates the multiparty federal republic of  Brazil. Also, the author describes the political and administrative organization of Brazil. And also the author compares Brazil with England as political countries…
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The Advantage of Brazil in the Financial Position
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Download file to see previous pages The basic political system in England is a parliamentary system and a constitutional monarchy. Before the joining of Scotland and English to form the Kingdom of Great Britain, it was ruled by the monarch and the parliament of England. In the UK 2010 general elections, the Conservative Party won the absolute majority in 532 contested seats, 61 more seats more than all the other parties combined.
According to Eccleshare (45) argues that the English legal system that has been developed over the centuries is the basis of common law legal systems mostly used in the Commonwealth countries except for the US. The court system is headed by the senior courts of Wales and England. Since the 2005 general election, the government of the United Kingdom has been floating the idea of voluntary merging the local councils so as to avoid costly reorganization but attaining the desired form.
Both Brazil and England have two arms of parliament. Brazil has the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies while England has the House of Commons and House of Lords. Shortly after the independence of Brazil, the first political groups that emerged were either pro-Brazilian or pro-Portuguese factions. During the second empire period of 1831-1889, the Conservative and Liberal parties alternated in power. This was a similar case in England to the 1920s between the Liberals and Conservatives. During the Old Republic (1889-1930), sections of the Republican Party in the larger states held political power after they emerged also similar to England where the Liberal Democrats also held political power. Since independence, Brazil has been oscillating between state autonomy and centralization. This makes Brazil a multi-party system as the effective number of parties is less than five but greater than two.
In 1822-89 Brazil had a centralized constitutional monarchy and a little state autonomy. The emperor exercised the power of moderation by transferring and removing judicial and police officers at will, appointing senators for life, and presiding over a Council of State. Until 1930, the larger and powerful states enjoyed great under a federal system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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