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Mauritania - Research Paper Example

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Mauritania Introduction: Mauritania, officially known as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is an Arab Maghreb nation in West Africa. It is enclosed by the Western Sahara in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, Mali in east as well as south east, Senegal in the southwest and Algeria in the northeast…
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Download file to see previous pages There is 20% of population who live with less than US$1.25 a day in Mauritania. There are so many challenges and issues that Mauritania faces now, including slavery, human trafficking, female genital mutilation and child labour. Slavery is the most significant issue among these challenges. When going through the ancient history of Mauritania, one observes that the original inhabitants of Mauritania (Bafour) were basically farmers, and the first among the people of Sahara to reject their wandering lifestyle. With famines and draughts in Sahara, the people moved towards the south. The migration to West Africa mainly included the Central Saharans and also the people of Ghana, as the Moorish Islamic Warrior monks attacked and defeated the ancient Empire of Ghana. The Arabs subdued furious defiance from the local population with all their might. The thirty year war of Mauritania was in vain fighting against the Yemini Magil Arab invaders, who were under the direction of the Beni Hassan tribes. When taking into consideration the modern history, it is observed that imperial France conquered the provinces of the current region of Mauritania, bank of Senegal river and nearby regions during the late 19th century. Mauritania became a part of French West Africa from 1920 onwards, ever since the entry of Xavier Coppolani and his governance on the imperial mission. The French government took immediate actions and introduced as well as enforced laws that forbid slavery. However, Mauritania claimed independence in 1960 and Nouakchott, the capital city was established at the location of Ksar, a small colonial village. Despite the availability of natural resources, Mauritania has the lowest GDP rates among the nations of Africa. A majority of population depends on agriculture for their livelihood, even in the present time. Mauritania has widespread stock on iron core that accounts for about 50% of their total exports. Several copper and gold mining companies are now opening mines in Mauritania. The first deepwater port in Mauritania was opened near Nouakchott in 1986. Drought and various economic issues resulted in the rise of foreign debt in recent years. The Mauritania government signed an agreement of World Bank- International Monetary Fund in March 1999, which has to some extent benefited the people of Mauritania. One of the natural resources available easily in the country is oil, however, harsh environment prove it difficult for them to make use of the resources. Description: In simple words, it can be said that peace, tolerance and prosperity are the major vision of the government of Mauritania. With the achievement of independence in Mauritania, industrialisation got a boost, which further led to the establishment of new investments. Maaouiya Ould Sidi Ahmed Taya came in to rule in the year of 1984. “A new constitution permitting multiple parties was established in 1992 and Colonel Ould Taya was re-elected, making Mauritania the first member of the Arab League to have elected a head of state by direct universal suffrage” (Mauritania 1). After 1997, Taya was re-elected as President when he gained 66.7 % vote in 2003. In West Africa, Mauritania is the only nation, which is governed by people who possess a nomadic heritage. The present government is focused on the assurance of growth of economy, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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