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Critically evaluate the claim that Marxism offers a coherent account of the modern international political system - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: A Critical Evaluation of the Feasibility of A Marxist Political System Introduction Marxism ushered in a new era in the history of political science as well as political system in the twentieth century. Because of the profoundness of the Marxist perspective about human society and its economic functions, it tends to trace and to foretell the processes of changes of human society from its penultimate stage, namely capitalism, to the final stage, socialism, a form of the power of working class people…
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Critically evaluate the claim that Marxism offers a coherent account of the modern international political system
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"Critically evaluate the claim that Marxism offers a coherent account of the modern international political system"

Download file to see previous pages The most notable example of its failure to build up a fruitful political system is the Soviet Union whose eventual collapse was engendered by the flaws and paradoxes lying at its heart. In the first place, Marxism fails to perceive the corruption of absolute power. Secondly, it fails to perceive that ruling proletariats in the power of a socialist state are bound to assume the behaviors of capitalist elite class. The third flaw lies in its attempt to impose equality and to steal away freedom in the name of a classless society. Such socialist attempt to maintain equality by robbing a man’s freedom is essentially Totalitarianism which inspires corruption and discourages people’s protest against this corruption. Further the paradox of an equal society does not permit a congenially productive economic system. When the equal distribution of wealth among the citizens theoretically seems to contribute to an equal and just society, this distribution ultimately discourages the individual to involve in production activities. Thus a socialist economy goes futile. Again, a Marxist state continually aims at establishing the working class at the power of a country. Therefore, a socialist political system poses threat to other states which do not hold a socialist view. A Brief Overview of Marxism and a Marxist State Being commissioned by the Communist League, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels jointly wrote the book, “The Communist Manifesto”, in 1848, which is often accepted as one of the most influential political documents around the world. Indeed, Marxism is regarded as a social theory which foretells and philosophizes about the future of modern capitalist society as well as human history. But it is also true that the Communist Manifesto can be considered as the political guidance for those who are involved in the production system of the modern capitalist society. For these authors, modern society is essentially the latest one of those changes in the mode of production throughout the evolution of human society. At the same time, since Marx and Engels envisaged that the stage of human society, next to Capitalism, is a world of the working class people, in Marx and Engel’s word the proletariats, that is based on the socialist modes of labor as well as production, the proletariat or the working class people of the world should unite themselves to take the society to this stage. Theory of Class-struggle and Marx’s View of a Socialist Political System Marx and Engels have assumed that the Capitalist society has evolved from the breakdown of the previous feudalist society through the conflicts between the feudal landowners and their subjects. Through this dissolution of the feudal society two more incompatible classes emerged: the bourgeoisie and the working class. While the bourgeoisies, occupying a country’s political system, control the instruments of production, the working-class are economically subjugated by those in a capitalist political system. These bourgeoisies are exclusively profit-driven. Though they lack any morals, they continue to support any moral system which is congenial to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Critically Evaluate the Claim That Marxism Offers a Coherent Account Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1403378-critically-evaluate-the-claim-that-marxism-offers.
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