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The civil war - Essay Example

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Insert Name Tutor Course Date Question: Explaining the event to the American Civil War There are several factors that anteceded, triggered and characterized the American Civil War, as shall be seen forthwith. Sectionalism Sectionalism applies in national politics and refers to loyalty to the interests of a given section or region of the country, in lieu of the country as a whole…
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The civil war
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"The civil war"

Download file to see previous pages Then the South used slave labor as a mode of production. The invention of the cotton gin made cotton farming more profitable, making the South more reliant on slave labor and thereby further drawing a wedge between itself and the North. The North on the other hand gradually made a dereliction on agriculture and the countryside because of the Industrial Revolution. Factory work became more popular as New York, New Haven and Boston emerged as industrialized cities and thereby leading to mercantilism in the North’s economy. This economy was heavily reliant on the shipping industry and was more diverse, ethnically. This spurred technological advancements and emergence of new ideas, onwards. Constitutional convention At the time of the Revolution, two camps had emerged: those in favor of the federal government; and those in favor of the rights of the state. The US government had also been organized under the Articles of Confederation, after the American Revolution. As political and legal problems arose, the weakness of this type of government compelled leaders to assemble at the Constitutional Convention to secretly create the US Constitution. This development produced strong opposition from proponents of state rights like Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson, since they were absent in the meeting. Thomas Jefferson and his group felt that the new constitution undermined the right of the state to act independently, yet states should have the prerogatives of deciding the acceptance of certain federal acts. This development led to nullification, a legal provision whereby states would have to declare federal acts unconstitutional. The federal government denied these states these rights. Other proponents like John Calhoun fought relentlessly for nullification. When the clamor for nullification failed, some states felt that they were disrespected, and moved towards secession. This further created the rift between the North and South (Tindall and Shi, 72). Constitutional compromises Slavery as an institution was entrenched in America and its constitution, thereby bringing about critical problems to the 19th century US. Spates of compromises were made in the US Congress to stave off these problems, to hold the Union together, though every compromise4 brought about different problems. Free labor vs. slave labor While free labor solely depended on the will or consent of the slave to work, slave labor compelled the slave to work. Despite the responsibility that slave owner would take over the slave, there would be no guarantee that the slave would work for him in free labor settlement. For slave labor, there would be no reason for the slave not to work except sickness. Failure to work would readily invite punitive measures such as whipping and even death. The only alternatives for one providing slave labor would be escaping and/ or being set free. The issue of free labor vs. slave labor also threatened to split the South and North in that while the North supported free labor, the South supported slave labor. This disparity led to the emergence of Free and Slave states. 1820 Missouri Compromise The ideological rivalry over slavery between the North and South culminated into attempts at compromises. Particularly, the Missouri Compromise of 1820 became another way the North and Sou ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Civil War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words. https://studentshare.org/history/1403028-the-civil-war.
“The Civil War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1403028-the-civil-war.
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Causes of the Civil War
The American Civil War, which is also known as the War Between the States, is considered as one of the most essential historical turning points in the social, political, and economical aspect of the country. It had caused enormous social and political changes in the country that had brought new meaning to unity and the emancipation of slavery.
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Causes of the Civil War
Nevertheless, scientists believe that but for the slavery, this war would have never started. This is true, however there are a number of other stimuli, which should not be left unnoticed. This fact is explained by Kenneth Stampp (1992) Because the
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The Civil War
However, the union had largely been a consequence in point of time and after the revolution the idea of establishing a grand consolidated government of the thirteen states that had gained independence was really upheld in the north but only tolerated in the south.
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Reconstruction after The Civil War
As president, Johnson’s desire to scale back Lincoln’s Reconstruction legislation following the Civil War angered the Radical Republican majority that sought to punish the former rebels of the Confederacy.
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Causes of the Civil War
w World, which is America, during the 1800’s are used as laborers and servants; therefore a property of the landowners, which eventually became the cause of the American Civil War (Halsey & Shores 1966-1972). Civil unrests building up to a great extend usually results to a
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Causes of the Civil War
The purpose of this paper is to discuss and analyze the causes of the Civil War and explain why these causes could result in the war. There are some causes of the American Civil War. The main direct ones are "the differences between the industrial North and the agricultural South and the issue of paid labor in the North versus slave labor in the South" (American History - Overview).
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What Caused the Civil War
Many people believe the big thing that caused the war was slavery, but there is a strong argument to be made that the technological changes in the period before the war put a great strain on the economy and culture of the United States that
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Causes of the Civil War
election laid the basis of a crisis for the whole nation because a vast majority of the Democrats in the south thought that Lincoln would not wait for long to abolish slavery in the South. Most of the white people from the South favored the secession rather than inviting such
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Labor and The Civil War
The 1787 American Revolution coupled with adoption of a new constitution partially shattered the slavery business. During this period, the American nation created constitution and adopted it to end the importation of slaves into
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The Civil War in England
The war made it clear that the king would no longer be the undisputed leader of the people and would have to exercise checks and restraints in the use of his power. Even though universal franchise and modern democracy would take many more years to come into being, the civil war set into motion a process that led to the creation of the modern political processes and systems as one sees them today.
3 Pages(750 words)Essay
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