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Is the Kyoto Treaty a success in addressing the rise in green-house gas emissions (ARGUMENTATIVE RESEARCH ESSAY) - Term Paper Example

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Introduction The Kyoto Treaty or Kyoto Protocol is a set of binding obligations on the industrial nations to actually reduce the number of greenhouse gas emissions. This treaty binds industrial nations to specifically reduce their carbon dioxide emission by 5.2% below the levels they were having during 1990s over the period of one decade…
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Is the Kyoto Treaty a success in addressing the rise in green-house gas emissions (ARGUMENTATIVE RESEARCH ESSAY)
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"Is the Kyoto Treaty a success in addressing the rise in green-house gas emissions (ARGUMENTATIVE RESEARCH ESSAY)"

Download file to see previous pages Initially adapted in Kyoto, Japan in 1997, this treaty however has not yet been ratified by major countries and some other industrial countries like Canada have even withdrawn from the treaty. (The Guardian,). The lack of proper ratification and adoption of the treaty by major industrial nations have put serious doubts over the ability of the treaty to actually enforce protocols required to reduce the overall greenhouse gas emissions by countries which are responsible for most of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. (Ross,95) Over the period of time, despite the fact that countries have been able to cut greenhouse emissions, the over general emission levels have increased. These trends have put serious questions over the ability of treaty to successfully control the greenhouse emissions from the major industrialized nations of the world. This paper will argue whether the Kyoto protocol was successful in controlling the greenhouse emissions or not. Climate Change & Greenhouse Emissions Over the period of time, scientific evidence emerged which suggested about a climate change being caused by the way humans actually interact with their environment. The rapid industrialization witnessed by major developed countries during 20th century is considered as one of the key reasons behind this climate change. With over 100 years of greenhouse emission, the overall echo system of the earth is believed to be out of balance and a clear need for reducing the emission was recognized in order to stabilize the earth’s environment. (Henson,15) During 1990s, environmental issues became an strategic concerns and for the first time, it was recognized that there is a clear need for putting into practice certain standards and efforts which can obligate industrial nations to actually reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 1990s saw great diplomatic efforts to actually develop a comprehensive framework for industrialized nations to actually agree upon certain standards to reduce the greenhouse emissions. These diplomatic efforts finally resulted into the development and introduction of what is now called Kyoto protocol or Kyoto treaty. (Grubb, Vrolijk, Brack, & Energy and Environmental Programme,54) It is critical to understand that the introduction of this treat was largely due to political reasons and is still considered as one of the major diplomatic breakthroughs on climate change. With the help of this treaty, countries were actually able to develop a framework which provided standard guidelines and obligations for industrial and other nations to gradually reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to protect the environment and reduce the consequences of climate change. Greenhouse emission actually occurs when sunlight hits the earth and as a result of this phenomenon some of the light is reflected back to the space. Greenhouses gases which are of six types actually trap some of the heat and it again reflects back on the earth. This phenomenon actually increases the earth temperature and resultantly climate change occurs. (Hardy,72) Though greenhouse emission occurs naturally however, excessive emission of carbon dioxide through industrial activity as well as emitted by humans has resulted into misbalance of the same. Consistent increase in population has also resulted into the consistent increase ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Is the Kyoto Treaty a Success in Addressing the Rise in Green-House Term Paper)
Is the Kyoto Treaty a Success in Addressing the Rise in Green-House Term Paper. https://studentshare.org/history/1402291-is-the-kyoto-treaty-a-success-in-addressing-the.
“Is the Kyoto Treaty a Success in Addressing the Rise in Green-House Term Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1402291-is-the-kyoto-treaty-a-success-in-addressing-the.
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