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Proper Way for a Democracy - Essay Example

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This paper talks that communism and democracy are two of the most prominent political systems in the current world. The destruction of communism from Soviet Union and Eastern Europe propelled the growth of democracy all over the world…
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Proper Way for a Democracy
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Download file to see previous pages d, p.1). Freedom, liberties, human right protection, fair elections etc are some of the basic elements of a democratic system. However, in many of the so-called democratic countries, human right violations are taking place continuously. Pakistan is the best examples for this. Malala, a teenage girl from Pakistan is currently struggling to save her life. Pak Taliban or Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the fundamental Muslim group shot her because of her activities to encourage teenage girls to acquire education. “Malala was attacked by Taliban gunmen on October 9 when she was on her way from school. The TTP said that they will target her again if she survives because she was a “secular-minded lady””(Web Desk, 2012). Pakistan is a democratic country on papers, but in practice, none of the democratic principles observed in Pakistan. Even the elected government is only a toy government in the hands of Pak military. Pak military on the other hand gets immense support from the fundamental groups and hence they will not act against the will of the fundamentalists. In Pakistan, democratic institutions such as judiciary, executive and parliament often clash each other. For example, the removal of Pak Supreme court judge by the former Pakistan president Pervez Musharaf has created lot of political problems in Pakistan. According to Tomuschat (2008), “An independent judiciary prospers only in countries where democracy, human rights and in particular a free press, set a general framework stabilizing the rule of law” (p.308). In short, the existing political system in Pakistan is incapable of protecting human rights because of the lack of cooperation between different institutions in the...
This paper stresses that at present America is conducting war on terror in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq with the help of UK like countries. Moreover, UK and US like democratic countries are supporting the agitations against the autocratic governments in all parts of the world. Democracy and human rights are two sides of the same coin. In other words, human right protection is one of the major objectives of any democratic government. However, the morality of interfering in other states, for the protection of human rights is often questioned, by sociologists and philosophers. The problems with the humanitarian intervention by superpower is that they interfere only in their enemy countries. They will keep silence if the culprit is their supporting country. For example, international community strongly condemned the human right violations taking place in Middle East. Israel is keeping no ethics or morality in their actions in Middle East. However, neither UK nor America seems to be interested in blaming Israel or interfering in these matters. Humanitarian laws and international laws should be applicable to all. No country, under any circumstances shall able to escape from such laws and restrictions.
This report makes a conclusion that humanitarian interventions can be justified in some cases only. Stronger powers often justify their actions in other countries in terms of humanitarian intervention. Once they entered another country, they also do the same thing or humanitarian violation. UK like democratic countries should stay away from interfering in the internal matters of other countries in the name of humanitarian intervention. Only after getting the consent from UN like global bodies, interventions should be done. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Proper Way for a Democracy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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