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The Danish EU Policy: Challenges and Opportunities - Essay Example

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Running Head: History and Political Science The Danish EU Policy: Challenges and Opportunities Essay Name KU Username Date Total Number of Pages: Index Section Title Page Number Introduction 3 The Origins of the Complications of the Danish EU Policy 3 Opportunities for the Danish EU Policy 8 Conclusion 10 References 11 Introduction Denmark is positioned at a vital regional and political point of intersection in Europe, working as a cultural, economic, and political bridge between other Nordic countries, the Baltic region, and the European Community (EC)…
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The Danish EU Policy: Challenges and Opportunities
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Download file to see previous pages Abruptly, a small nation’s political landscape frustrated the ambitious goals of its bigger neighbours. In a diplomatic manner, the Danes vote against expanded authority and influence for a supranational power which does not possess any kind of direct democratic rule (Miles, 1996). As a consequence, Danish policy within and towards the EU is politically problematic and riddled with conflict. This essay analyses the political problems of Denmark’s EU policy. Several of the problems of Denmark’s EU policy originate from the Danish voters’ persistent rejection of the EU policy that Denmark worked on alongside other leading countries. This took place in the election on the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 and for a second time in the 2000 election on Denmark’s allegiance to European integration. ...
However, their attempts have not discouraged the disclosure of the subject matter. Adversaries of strengthened European integration in Denmark were successful in setting the courts in motion in their attempts to frustrate the Maastricht Treaty. The Maastricht Treaty forms the EU, which is composed of three elements: the ECs, collective defence and foreign policy, and legal collaboration in criminal issues. The Maastricht Treaty embodies a very important episode in European formation (Jones & Verdun, 2005). By creating and instituting the EU, by instigating a financial and economic merger and by enlarging European integration, the Community has obtained a political domain. In 1993, 12 individuals accused the Prime Minister of breaking the constitution in that he approved the Maastricht Treaty. The Danish High Court made a decision to take on the case and gave its ruling on the 6th of April 1998. The High Court justified the Prime Minister’s decision and declared that (1) the membership of Denmark in the EU is in agreement with the national constitution; (2) the national constitution of 1953 allows full surrendering of self-government to an ‘interpopular’ power; (3) the issue of renunciation of self-government is to be founded on political principles; and (4) the specific way in which the European Union has enlarged its authority and capabilities is in agreement with the Danish Constitution (Fosum, 2000, 127). Nevertheless, the High Court emphasised that if a constitutional action by the EU Court of Justice runs counter to the Danish Constitution, the latter must predominate. For that reason, the High Court did not recognise that the EU Court of Justice had ‘Competence-Competence’ (Fosum, 2000, 127)— stipulates that an arbitral court is permitted to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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