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Obstacle To Democracy: Military - Essay Example

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During the era of 1988, the citizens of Chile were under constant struggle to take the powers from their military. In Sandinistas it has been witnessed that the peace of the nation was threatened by their military forces. …
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Obstacle To Democracy: Military
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Download file to see previous pages Another Latin country, Panama is dependent on the fate of bad general for their democracy. The entire region that constitutes of Latin America is fighting against military rule and governments that are being operated in accordance to military regulations. Democracy in various areas have not been able to reach the advanced level because in these nations, officer groups are ready to give up their positions in government offices but are not ready to give up those functions that have civilian power. Those democracies that are still in their early stages are continuously being threatened by the military section of the country and these sections dictate how government needs to operate. One of the major problems faced by society is that the society is controlled by those who have more physical power such as the police force, the intelligence agencies and the defence. Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North represented the fact that countries that have strong democracies should always be alert about the connection between the public and the military.
The defence forces operate with great power and secrecy and this kind of behaviour is a very huge threat to the policy makers located in democratic settings. The same problem even exists in developing countries and the degree of this problem in developing countries is much higher.
Body The Story of Latin America and Role of the US The Latin American side of America started moving from dictatorship rule to democratic rule during 1970s; this transition has witnessed huge number of bargaining episodes taking place between the civilians and the military of Latin America (CHASTEEN, 2001). Several bargaining episodes have failed over the year and the end result of these failures has resulted in economical and political failures as well as defeat at the hands of their own military (FITCH, 1998). The main motive behind the failures of these bargaining episodes has always been the protection of the interest of the defence system. The degree of control that civilians have gained during these bargaining episodes has have never been constant and has been dependant on the strength of the forces of military. The decision of how much power is to be vested in the civil side of the nation has been decided on the basis of concerns for national security. Various countries that have an interest in Latin America has helped in developing the military section of the region. These countries includes: US, Spain, France and other European countries, but the most influential of all these countries has been the United States. When questions are raised against US intervention in the military section of Latin America, these questions have been answered while keeping in view the strategic importance of intervention for Washington. During the year 1987, the military section of US that is responsible for safeguarding the southern side of US was provided with only 4% of assistance from security agencies through the world (DENT, 1995). The southern section only received less than ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Obstacle To Democracy: Military Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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