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Ethical Nature of a Government Agency Name of Institution Date How, In My Judgment, Can One Evaluate The Ethical Nature Of A Government Agency? Introduction The general nature of ethics is founded on the system of moral principles; that is, the rules of conduct that are developed and recognized in regard to a particular class of a particular group, culture or human actions (Cooper, 2012)…
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How, in your judgment, can one evaluate the ethical nature of an act
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Download file to see previous pages Nature of ethics has three main features that are worth examining. The first feature is that the nature of ethics is closely correlated with duties, which are generally the other side of morals and moral rights. For instance, an individual’s right to work implies that the government has a duty to ensure that jobs are available for people (Gotsis and Kortezi, 2010). Secondly, ethics gives people equality and autonomy in the pursuit of their interests. The last main feature of the nature of ethics is that it provides a basis for justification of an individual’s actions and for invocation of aid or protection of others (Gutmann and Thompson, 2006). Over the years, there has been increased concern over the need to find ways of evaluating the ethical nature of organizations including non-profit organizations, private association, or government agency. Since ethics is such an important aspect in any organization, there has been heightened need in recent years to evaluate the ethical nature of organizations in order to ensure that they derive maximum benefits from adherence to valuable ethics (Cooper, 2012). It is against this background that this paper will discuss how one can evaluate the ethical nature of a government agency: The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA). It will create a format for the systematic evaluation of the agency’s ethical commitment. Nature of Ethics and Government Agencies It is commonly accepted that ethics is an essential part of operation of government agencies. Unethical behaviors can have very devastating consequences for any given government agency, while sound ethical behavior can greatly facilitate effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of services within a particular government agency (Hayden, 2005). Acknowledgement of the importance of ethics requires commitment and establishment of an organizational ethical capacity in a structured and concerted way. Therefore, it is important that government officials be competent in managing of the ethical dimensions of the government agencies. In order to produce sustainable ethical behavior, there is need to cultivate an ethical organizational culture or an ethical way of thinking and ethical behavior (Gotsis and Kortezi, 2010). The officials of the government agency need to set specific ethics objectives for their respective agencies, as well as designing and implementing a strategy that is geared towards achieving these objectives (Cooper, 2012). In addition, they need to institutionalize ethics, monitor and report on the ethical performance of all the employees of the agency. When looking at ethics in the government agency domain, ethics is a prerequisite for the improved performance and reputation of the government agency and therefore should be the foundation element in the government agency’s operations strategy (Gutmann and Thompson, 2006). Effective management of ethics in government agencies requires that there is a comprehensive evaluation of the nature of ethics in those agencies. The government officials of respective government agencies should engage in a concentrated effort of establishing mechanisms and criteria of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How, in Your Judgment, Can One Evaluate the Ethical Nature of an Act Research Paper.
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