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France in 1799 - 1815 and Napoleonic wars Name Institution The Napoleonic Wars The Napoleonic Wars historically remained as a number of wars that became fought between some European nations and France between 1799 and 1815. France came under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1799…
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France In 1799 - 1815 And Napoleonic Wars
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Download file to see previous pages To many, the Napoleonic wars fought between 1799 and 1815 remained as an extension of the French Revolution.1 Napoleonic wars became fought for over 2 decades and entailed a number of certain distinct campaigns. First of all, the French revolution majorly entailed other dynastic rulers in Europe and the Habsburgs combined in an attempt to conquer the French that had attempted to conquer the world. The First Coalition wars occurred in 1792 to 1797 and entailed the French Revolution and some Italian campaign. Other campaigns included in the Napoleonic wars included Napoleonic war in Egypt, between 1798 to 1801, the second Coalition, between 1798 to 1801, the Third Coalition, in 1805, Fourth Coalition, between 1806 to 1807, Fifth Coalition, in 1809, the Peninsular war, between 1808 to 1814, invasion of Russia, in 1812, Germany invasion in 1813, France invasion in 1814, and finally the 100 days campaign carried out in 1815. 1. First Coalition of Napoleonic War This occurred in the year 1793 to 1797. In the war, France fought to oppose certain things in the French rule and did it in association with countries like Prussia, Austria, Spain, Great Britain, Sardinia and the Netherlands. 2At that time, Bonaparte became assigned with the role of conducting armed forces operations towards Austrian forces in the given Northern Italy part after a directory from the French administration. a. French Revolution Napoleonic wars and the French revolution occupied 25 years of the late 18th and early 19th century. The wars represented the first European war that remained general since the given Seven Years’ war between 1756 and 1763. The wars also represented continuity among the European alliance systems plus ideologies with an exception of the noted first 2 years of the given French Republic between 1792 and 1794. During the wars, six European countries made a coalition challenging French expansion. Moreover, to counter the number of opposition the French got from the European nations, French also formed allies to help it in wars. It is via the wars that various radical changes became made in the international system. The war majorly brought radical changes in the French government as its policies regarding its enemies changed. As the war progressed, and policies changed regarding whom to trust and who to wage war against, at some point the French threatened the German princes existing on the western bank of the given Rhine and the Austrian Netherlands that had been in the given Habsburg possession since the year 1724. Acquisition of conquered regions led to French cultural domination over these regions. 3 Napoleon Reforms As a ruler, amidst the French revolution, Napoleon set forth to make major reforms in the legal system since the given old feudal plus royal laws proved inefficient and contradictory to the people. Before Napoleon came with changes in France law, France did not possess a given set of laws. France used to be governed by local laws that gave the nobles some privileges above the law. This made the citizens angry about the rules and hence revolted. It is during the French revolution that feudalism became abolished. Therefore, the laws that Napoleon introduced at that time became referred to as Napoleon code. The Napoleon code never biased people in relation to their birth, and allowed the concept of freedom of religion to become practiced in France. Furthermore, the codes specified that jobs in the government remained to be awarded to only the most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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