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The Constitutional Framework: The influence of Christian theology on our Founding Fathers - Term Paper Example

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Name Institution Introduction Christianity has been an influencing US as a country since time in memorial. According to1, its impact can vibrantly be felt in politics and in any political thought. There are other conservative people who claim that United States has been founded on a Christian base…
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Extract of sample "The Constitutional Framework: The influence of Christian theology on our Founding Fathers"

Download file to see previous pages It all begins in the journeys made by Paul the apostle making long speeches about a God who is not known in Athens, to the crowd in which some of them were philosophers. He talks about a God who creator of the world and all that is in; he is very concerned about how individuals live. In the end of time, he will come to judge them according to their deeds2. Through a man Jesus who died and rose again, God saves the world and gives mankind power to do things that are beyond human understanding (Miracles). Paul the apostle refers to philosophy as the “wisdom of the Greeks “as a contrast to the foolishness of God. According to 1 Corinthians 1:17, 2:13, 3:19, 15:12-20, Paul asks “how can some of you claim that the resurrection of the dead does not exist?” this he said after the Greek philosophers said that there is no truth in the uttered statement. The issue of the body rising from the dead differed extremely with the school of philosophy of the time. The body and the soul was a collection of the atoms which dispersed after death which was seen as a fact by the Epicureans. Stoics believed in the fact that after death the body had an ability of decomposing to form the earth while the soul leaves to join the rest in the eternal fire. Platonists believed that a soul was immortal. Christians hold that human beings are immortal. They will die after which they will rise again. This was seen as a vague statement amongst the philosophers as mentioned above. Christianity has its weak parts and its strong facts just like any other idea that is perceived. Contrast between Christianity and the “Greek wisdom” Christianity believes that an individual should be happy when he is treated badly like a slave, poor, ugly. They say when someone is living such a life; he should regard it as a worthwhile living. Philosopher like Aristotle and Plato contrasted sharply. For the stoics, if you flow well with nature and reason accordingly, then you will be a successful and a happy individual. 1. In Christianity, it is believed that if you live according to the will of god and do good in his sight, then you will succeeded in all your endeavors. This could easily be accepted by the stoics for when they say ‘nature’ they mean God. Epicureans say that gods does not take time to observe human life but Christians say that God cares3. Christians should have a healthy relationship with God and others and this is what they refer to as a fulfilling living. The happy life may be experienced when still on earth or in life after death. Stoics hold the fact that a man who obeys nature is one who lives a happy life but death is the final journey for any man. The only happiness that he is bound to experience is the happiness of doing the right things. According to Christianity, a slave may not initially be happy, but will be eventually. 2. To Christians, God is seen as Just and full of mercy and cares about every human being on the face of the world. For the Greeks, gods are full of jealousy and do not care about human beings. Stoics whose believe is not so far from what Christians believe say that God provides for human needs. For people who followed in Aristotle’s believe held that God sees himself as god and does not even notice the human beings. 3. Another contradicting fact is the way Christians believe that the death of a certain man called Jesus could save human beings in the world. Christians believe that through his death, man was reconciled to God and forgiveness ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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