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The Great Depression - Essay Example

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The Great Depression Table of Contents Introduction 3 Causes of Great Depression 3 Impact on Society 4 Response of US Government 5 References 6 Introduction Great depression is undoubtedly one of the most significant incidents in the history of world economy…
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The Great Depression
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"The Great Depression"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, it also includes the response of American government to this economic event. Causes of Great Depression The most fundamental reason behind the great depression was the massive reduction in spending which ultimately led to rise in inventories and decline in production. There are several factors that resulted in the contraction in spending. Such factors include crash of stock market, monetary and banking failure and ‘Gold Standard’ (Berkley University, “Great Depression”). By the late 1929, prices of various stocks in US reached levels which were not justified by the rational anticipations regarding future earnings. As a consequence, when news like disappointing results of the organizations came out stock prices started to decline in a gradual manner. This led to reduction in confidence of the investors which in turn caused the burst of the stock market bubble. October 24, 1929 which is famous as ‘Black Thursday’ was the day when ‘panic selling’ actually started. By November, share prices were reduced by almost 33%. Such a stock market crash resulted in significant reduction in aggregate demand. Investment and consumer spending, as a result of these, fell sharply (Berkley University, “Great Depression”). Another crucial reason that caused great depression was lose of confidence of the depositors in the liquidity of the banks. In the late 1930, several depositors demanded their deposits in the form of cash. Situation created a massive panic in the banking sector. The panic was inexplicable and irrational in nature. However, large number of farmers who were unable to repay their huge loans was a reason behind the decline in the liquidity of the banks. Importantly Federal Reserve did not try its best to stem the panic. Absence of Benjamin Strong who was the governor of Federal Reserve Bank of New York is often considered to be the main reason behind such inaction (Berkley University, “Great Depression”). There are some experts who believe that the central bank of US allowed the huge reduction the money supply for preserving the gold standard. However, it has been a debatable issue over the years (Berkley University, “Great Depression”). Impact on Society Great depression had tremendous effect on the American society. By 1932 almost 25% of the country’s total workforce became unemployed. Furthermore, the unemployment rate remained almost 20% throughout that decade. In 1932 almost 25000 families and 200,000 young people roamed through the nation searching for clothes, shelter, food and more importantly a job (Oracle Thinkquest Education Foundation, “The Great Depression”). People took assistance from private charities and public relief systems although they were not able to meet the demand. Rural, migrant and black families were more accustomed with adverse situations. As a result they could manage circumstances more easily as compared to their urban counterparts (Ingui, p 108-109). Families had to change their lifestyles as their professions were changed. Many people engaged themselves with home businesses. Women played important part in the process of survival. Millions of people suffered from disease that was the result of malnutrition. Farmers irrespective of the color of their skin had to leave their home so that they could sell their crops. Families who used to stay in Dust Bowl turned into migrant farm-workers. American writers and artists portrayed the pain of common people. Photographers like Dorothea Lange and Roy Stryker captured the lives of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Great Depression: Causes
...Inserts His/her Inserts Inserts Grade (15, 04, The Great Depression: Causes Introduction World economy developed greatly in the 20th century. There are many great changes that occurred in 20th century and all these changes had a great impact on the field of economics. The Great Depression of 1929 is one of those events that changed the shape of modern economics forever. It all started in 1929 and the world trade shrank by more than 50 percent. The great depression is known as the worst economic decline in modern economics history. Employment decreased greatly all over the world and poverty reached new levels....
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The Great Depression
...The Great Depression The great depression is an era that succeeded the First World War and its major characteristic was a great economic crisis witnessed all over the world. The timing of the great depression varied in the various world countries but its effects were similar across the globe. It is a time in history when the world`s economy depreciated to the lowest grid ever in the late 1920s (Burg, 2005:15). During this phase it recorded the highest unemployment levels, the production process in the world almost came to a halt, and a sharp decrease in the stock market prices. The great...
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The Great Depression
...The Great Depression The Great Depression was a severe depression of the economy on a global scale that occurred in the 1930s decade and preceded the Second World War. The timeline of existence varies for different nations but its main effect was between 1930 and the late 1930s though in some countries it stretched up to the middle of the 1940s decade (Ledbetter and Daniel 1). The Great Depression served as the longest and broadest depression of the economy with the most significant effect in the 20th century. The stock market crash in 1929 commemorated the start of the depression with the value...
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The Great depression
... No: The Great Depression The great depression started in 1929 in the shape of huge tragedy making millions of American people jobless. This marked start of government involvement in economy as well as society. On 29 October 1929, the stock market suddenly crashed after a boom and this was start of depression. Stock prices fell at great paces and people could not sell stocks because there was no buyer. Similarly, banks had huge deposits in stock exchange (Watkins 42). Crises forced banks to close their business. Fewer banks initially took step of closing their business, which spread panic and other banks across the country also followed them. People were still withdrawing money from banks which compelled other banks to close. This resulted... in...
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The Great Depression
...The Great Depression There were a number of events that led to a 10 year depression in America, but the most significant one was the Stock Market Crash of 1929. After World War 1, America became a wealthy nation, people moved from rural areas to the cities in search of a successful life. America’s industrial sector was growing rapidly and there was plenty of employment. People speculatively invested in the stock market without regards to future occurrence or permanency they believed that it would continue to rise in the years to come. After sometime, investors began to sell stocks frequently at a rapid rate. Many industry owners wanted to buy stocks since it was a very lucrative venture. The rapid...
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The great depression
...Task: The great depression Some critics regard it as an American strategy to control the world; however, the great depression(1929-1939) was the longest and deepest economic downturn in the western world. The roaring industrialization of the twenties marked a turning point for many Americans welcomed by the Jazz age. Women became full of life and started drinking, wearing short skirts and worse of all, smoking same to men (Freedman 61). Many average American bought automobiles accosted by household appliances on credit. In as much as many businesses grew by 65% from manufacturing to mechanization, workers wage only rose by 8%. At the same time, inequality grew by 0.1 percent...
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The great depression
... The Dynamics of the Great Depression The great Depression was a global phenomenon characterized by an economic slump that hit most industrialized nations across Europe and North America. Specifically, this global phenomenon lasted between 1929 and 1939 making it the longest and most catastrophic economic slump experienced in developed countries across Europe (Modern American Poetry1). Although some countries like Germany were experiencing the economic depression by 1928, the economic slump that hit U.S economy in October 1929 marked the beginning of the great depression (Smiley 1). The catastrophic collapse of stock-market prices on the New York Stock Exchange (“Black Thursday") in October 1929 remains the most severe economic depression... ...
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The Great Depression
...The Great Depression The Great Depression occurred from 1929-1939 after the New Stock Exchange Market Crash. It is the most severe economic downturn ever to hit America. The major causes of the Great Depression included an over-speculation on the stock market, a decline in foreign trade, poor policies that did not enforce any regulations of the economy and over production (McElvaine p.15). During the 1920s, America was going through a period of economic success that saw the emergence of new technologies such as home appliances, machinery used in agriculture, and growth of the credit industries. Due to this boom, farmers and companies increased...
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Great Depression
2 Pages(500 words)Essay
Great Depression
1 Pages(250 words)Thesis
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