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Development in the Democratic Republic of Congo - Essay Example

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The location referred to as the Democratic Republic of Congo was inhabited as early as 100 centuries ago, with the Bantus settling there in the seventh and eighth centuries from the current Nigeria…
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Development in the Democratic Republic of Congo
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Download file to see previous pages The major areas pointed out the country’s administration to be requiring major attention include health, creation of jobs, infrastructure, education as well as electricity and water problem. The government has not been able to do much in the listed areas largely due to the intermittent sliding back to armed conflicts and the wanting insecurity levels witnessed in the many provinces in the Eastern region. Religion, ritual, and violence have served an appreciable role, both depressingly and positively, in the development progression of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in both the social scenario aspect, political and economic development aspects. In crisis, religion has served as an intermediary for ensuring emergency relief and safety for the victims of violence in the DRC. It has also played a significant role in being instrumental in the peacemaking process, encouraging the warring factors to embrace dialogue in resolving their misunderstanding. This intermediary role of player par excellence has been articulated both informally and officially. Religion has also stood out as the key engine of the institutional building, democratization process, and popular participation. One of the important pillars for the realization of democracy is conceived in the DRC through the many outreach programs initiated by the various faiths such as the Catholic Church (Herderschee, Han, Kai-Alexander and Samba, 78). The competence of the religious bodies reaching out to the farthest communities in every remote corner of DRC has been applied in the continued mobilization of the famous participation in the continuing process of democratization. Such a case was witnessed in the Catholic Church strong influential contribution in the process of electoral. Religion continues to play a considerable function in the encouragement of reverence for the rule of law, promotion of respect for the rights of human, as well as the promotion of the values and principles democracy, carried out through such initiatives as civic education programs. In the consolidation of the present peace milestone achieved through the process of reconciliation, religion has been an important factor in this role, playing it more efficiently and effectively than any other body. Through the impact of religion, the present arrangement politically in the DRC has allowed for a consensus on the control of power, in spite of not being able to address the deep lying causes of the violent conflicts that are connected to concerns related to historical prejudices and the unhealed traumas that result in the negative ethnicity (Kouvouama). Women and children have been the severely affected by the corollary violence, leaving deep psychological wounds in the major populace of the DRC (Moffet). The communal tensions as well as the ethnic fears are still vivid in some areas in spite of the government’s machinery presence. There is still engagement of religion in the psychosocial processes such as coming up with reconciliatory programs initiated especially from the community level whereby the deep seated hatred between the diverse ethnic communities is addressed and also through joining victims through the listening centers. Religion, through the various bodies, articulates for the increased capacity and awareness among the people in the peace building process through using extensive training centers and institutions. Religious bodies have become better equipped at handling, analyzing and comprehending the underlying dynamics and causes of conflict. Religion therefore, has built the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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