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To what extent is development a political process versus a technical or economic one - Essay Example

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Development- A Political Process versus Economic or Technical [Name of Student] [Name of Instructor] [Name of Course] [Date] Development- A Political Process versus Economic or Technical Human development is a process which is undertaken to enlarge the number of choices a person has in a society to select from…
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To what extent is development a political process versus a technical or economic one
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Download file to see previous pages The evaluation of the developmental process and the aspect of economic contribution in the social change shall be studied within the context of the role of the United Nations in measuring human development. Defining Development: Before understanding the nature of the human developmental aspects such as economics and politics, it is significant to note the actual definition of development. The definition of human development introduces the debate with the help of different terms. As per the definition of development published by the United Nations, report states that development is a process to enable an environment for nation where they can live long, healthy and creative lives (Frey and Monroe, 1983). The definition allows better understanding of the fact that people can live happily if they are provided with the basic necessity. It should be noted that a human cannot live without making enough earning that will allow him to gain better lifestyle for himself and family. So this notes that the social change within a society can be brought to allow equal opportunity among members of society (Szirmai, 2005). Development among different societies is undertaken in order to provide better income rates to the members so that they are able to select the best for their lives (Rowe, 2009). The political and economic development that has gained a great deal of focus of researchers is now debated because of the political aspects (Willis, 2005). In other words, it could be said that development is a process which needs governmental authorities and economists to work together to bring better changes. The main purpose of the economic activities and cross-borders business ventures is to allow countries to develop and maximize profits (Lewis and Kallab, 1986). This profit making natures of business world allows developing countries to fight against inequality and increasing measures of poverty. As evident from the definition of development, inequality can be reduced if in case poverty’s overall measure within a society is reduced by large (Desai and Potter, 2008). The above noted relationship map of the economical and political development can also be understood in the context of poverty. The measure that most of the politicians set up would be the increased economical opportunities for the poor people. The effective strategic planning is done by politicians to ensure that the measure of inequality is reduced by large. This can be indirectly related to the economical efficiency of the society (Sen, 1999). The central idea of the development is that different institutions of a society provide quickened form of human development. It should be noted that politics and economics are two very important institutions of a society (Desai and Potter, 2008). The functions performed by different institutions of the society are able to make better changes when they are indirectly connected to each other. The need of the hour is to determine the extent to which the development process underlines the elements of political institutions or economical politician. In other words, it can be said that politicians and economists need to understand as to what aspects can surely bring a better and quick paced human development (Escobar, 1995). The political policy framework can allow business authorities to undergo deals and ventures providing majority of people to get better jobs and become stable in their daily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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