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Hitler and the crime against humanity - Research Paper Example

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Crimes against humanity are described as offenses that are abhorrent in nature, which affects the dignity of a human being. It is grave humiliation or degradation of one or more human beings at the same time…
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Hitler and the crime against humanity
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Download file to see previous pages Crimes against humanity are described as offenses that are abhorrent in nature, which affects the dignity of a human being. It is grave humiliation or degradation of one or more human beings at the same time. Such events are either part of some government policy or they might be a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or ignored by the government. However, these are not isolated or sporadic events. If acts such as murder, extermination, torture, rape, political, racial or religious persecution are a part of widespread practice, then only they are considered as the crimes against humanity.In other words, crimes against humanity are attacks, which are widespread and systematic on the civilian population, irrespective of the fact whether people are nationals or non-nationals. In addition, irrespective of the fact whether the crimes are committed in times of peace or war. These crimes are such, which are against the humanity, and such that they violate the human values and rights. According the international law ‘war crimes’ and ‘genocide’ fall in the same category as ‘crimes against humanity’ (Holocaust, genocide and crimes against humanity, pp 7-8). A systematic, state sponsored, persecution and slaughter of round about 6 million Jews and many other ethnic, secular and religious groups by the Nazi regime under Adolf Hitler is popularly known as the Holocaust.Among the six million Jews, two-thirds of the total European Jewish population and two-fifths of the Jews in the entire world were slaughtered. Among the other nationalities which suffered under the holocaust, there were the Poles, Czechs, Greeks, Gypsies, Serbs, Ukrainians, Russians, homosexuals, mentally and physically challenged, trade unionists, prisoners of war, Jehovah witnesses and many others. It was because of the perceived racial inferiority that most of the people suffered. Adolf Hitler Germany was ruled by Adolf Hitler from 1933-1945. He governed as a dictator. In 1939, Germany was turned into a powerful machine by Adolf Hitler and started World War II. In 1945 before he was defeated, he conquered most of the Europe Death was spread by Hitler as it was never spread by anyone.’ Close your eyes to pity, Act brutally!’ is what he told his soldiers. People who went against him were ordered to be executed or thrown into prison. If his orders were even resisted by one person, an entire family or at times hundreds of people of a town would be shot dead by his troops. Hitler had something against the Jews. He hated the Jewish people and he ordered them wiped out in countries that he controlled. There were numerous concentration camps set by the Hitler in which 6 million Jews and millions of other people were murdered. Before being murdered, many of these victims were tortured or starved to death. Many even died due to various diseases. Hitler wanted to be a priest when he was a young boy and he sang in a church choir. He hated Christianity as an adult and he believed that it was a religion for weaklings. Adolf Hitler started to get power and rise in power in 1919. This was in the year, when there was an end to World War 1. In the war, the old German Empire had been defeated. This led the economy of the country to lie in ruins. A small group of men had organized the National Socialist German Workers’ Party of whom Hitler became the leader. The members of the party were known as the Nazis. Hitler infiltrated a ray of hope among his followers that he can win back Germany’s past glory. He promised that he would rebuild Germany into an empire, which would be mighty and would last a thousand years. Hitler threatened to wage a war and lied to gain territory of Europe after he became the dictator of Germany. Leaders of countries such as the Great Britain, France and others tried to prevent the war. They did this so that Hitler can have his way at first. When Hitler’s hunger for power increased these countries joined to fight him. Hitler was famously known to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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