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The National, Regional and International Consequences of the US Invasion of Iraq on Egypt - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Introduction THE NATIONAL, REGIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL CONSEQUENCES OF THE US INVASION OF IRAQ ON EGYPT Iraq was invaded by troops from several countries in 2003 with the aim of eradicating the reign of Saddam Hussein. Some of these troops were from United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, and Poland with the main troops being from the United States of America…
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The National, Regional and International Consequences of the US Invasion of Iraq on Egypt
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"The National, Regional and International Consequences of the US Invasion of Iraq on Egypt"

Download file to see previous pages This war took place within twenty-one days and was characterized by maximum combat involvement. Economic and political impacts of the United States Invasion Before the war, Saddam and the Baath Party had ruled Iraq and resulted to dictatorship. Their success was attributed to the good opportunities that are in the country, like oil wells and good business. However, the invasion brought various changes on both the economic and political happenings in the Iraq state in relation to other countries for example Egypt (Austine 23). Economic effects of the American invasion to Iraq on Egypt The United States of America invasion on Iraq has caused many negative effects among a lot of countries all over the world. These impacts can be identified with the help of assessing trends threats, and opportunities in some countries in the Middle East for example, Egypt. According to analysts, Egypt government opposed the invasion in Iraq but continually offered its military as a major lever of the United States influence in the Middle East. It has been considered that Egypt is among the main counterterrorism allies that quietly supported the nuclear war on the Iraq state but publicly opposed it. This is due to their commitment in maintaining strategic relationship with the United States of American during the war (Gordon 21). Probably, their support for this war can be attributed to economic completion mostly in the world of business. Iraq had almost similar strengths as Egypt because of its availability of oil and the tourism industry in Egypt. According to most reports, the American invasion of Iraq had less economic impacts on Egypt than that many economists had foreseen. The main loss was experienced in the oil-food program that was between Egypt and Iraq and led to the government’s announcement of working to involve Egypt’s companies instead. These two countries had exchange programs based on their strengths but had to seize after the invasion. As it is well known, Egypt has various historical sites that improve its tourist attractions. The Iraq war caused the tourism industry in Egypt to experience quite a number of negative effects. Egypt is among those countries that rely on tourism as a major economic empowerment especially due to its opportunities. For instance, the availability of Pyramids of Giza that are known to attract tourists from all over the world. The war in Iraq resulted to negative thought about touring with most people thinking of nothing but war. Tourists had fear of visiting because as a result of war, most Egyptians had resulted to demonstrations (Keane 31). Egypt’s peak season is usually in March and April, which is consequently the same time of war. According to statistics, a forty percent reduction in trade activities and advantages was experienced in Egypt. This reduction has resulted to continued regression of the Egyptians economy with effects being felt by the ordinary Egyptians. According to numerous economists, this war has resulted to a close to eight billion dollars losses on Egypt’s economy leading to requests for the World Bank to fund the country. The main reason for this reduction is the detachment from Iraq, yet, for a long time Iraq has been the main Egypt’s trading partner. With the rise of war in iraq, a lot of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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