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The Stele of Hammurabi - Essay Example

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The thesis statement this paper would be holding is that artistic value of objects made before 1400 BC was not appreciated; they made artwork for functional reasons, their artistic elements came by default as modern day art experts discover them many generations later. …
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The Stele of Hammurabi
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Download file to see previous pages It is evident from the study that the Stele of Hammurabi made by the Babylonians is comparable to a constitution, which acts as supreme document that states how a country is governed. As a constitution is printed and copies handed to the public to familiarize with the provisions therein, he made the sculpture and set it at a public place so that everyone could see. This means that if you go against the law, then it is out of ignorance, and therefore deserves punishment. The engravers did not anticipate the artistic value of the sculpture content, their minds were fixated on the functional aspect of the writings therein, Stele analysis ended on the content of the law stated. It was not set in the open as a statue or symbol representing individuals or objects, but was placed openly so the public can read it and internalize the laws. In the excerpt from The Philosophy of Art History by Arnold Hauser, the window is given two values; first, it is an opening that connects the person inside an enclosure to the outside environment. Others people will look at it and appreciate the artistic value it expresses, from the pane design, types of glasses used, and quality of work employed in the frame. Artwork then acts as an intermediary between persons and experiences, which differ in kind and intensity. The transparent window acts as an opening to the rest of the world, artists can then continue staring at windows when appreciating its designs, but their true function remains giving an outside view. Babylonians used the Stele of Hammurabi as a template for engraving judgements, in the present time; a constitution is typed in a computer and printed. They then use different designs of paper and ink to give it the official look. The sculpture was not appreciated artistically, they could not notice the fine Hammurabi carvings, and the well arranged engraved law statements. The context of Stele of Hammurabi The setting in time was 18th Century BC, during King Hammurabi’s 42 year rule of Babylon. Soon after getting into power, he consolidated his army and took them to battle with neighbouring rival forces. He stretched Babylonian borders from Tigris, to Persian Gulf in the south. He was also credited with introducing order to commercial transactions for example, law of contracts which protected the rights of both parties when they enter into a contract of any form. The Code of Hammurabi was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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